Chapter 2957

Behind the banana tree, Charity drew the leaves and walked out.

She wore a discreet smile. “I didn’t expect Young Master Jewell to be so well-liked by girls. Girls these days are really bold and proactive. I’m old.”

Looking at Charity’s pretty face, Chester could not help but smirk. “If you’re considered old, I’m even older.”

“For men, the older, the more charming,” Charity said.

“Really?” Chester suddenly grabbed hold of her hand and pulled it. “Do you think I’m charming?”

Charity made a point to size him up. A moment later, a look of disdain washed over her face. “Not in the slightest.”

Chester was exasperated. “Even if I’m not, I won’t allow you to escape my clutches.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he leaned forward domineeringly and locked lips with Charity.

Ever since she quit the entertainment industry, she hardly wore lipstick. He was not sure of the brand of the lipstick she applied today, but it was soft and smelled good.

“Go away. You may kiss your girl…”

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Anewor Odaur Atsoc
Hello author what happen to this story? Is this the ending ? Hope ur ok
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Dawn Grant
Great book!!!!
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niluh sonya
Good novel

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