Chapter 737 The Child's Condition

From the beginning to the end, Henry didn't look at Mandy. After he kicked Mandy away, he called the front desk to send someone up.

Two helpers soon came up to the room.

Henry stated his identity and then asked the two helpers to keep an eye on Mandy and not let her go. They had to wait for him to be back.

Of course, the hotel followed his order affirmatively.

Then Henry left the suite. After he went out, he took his phone to make a call to the family residence, asking for Yvonne.

Frederick picked up the call. "Sir."

Henry asked quickly, "Frederick, where's Yvonne?"

Frederick replied immediately, "Madam's in the hospital."

Hearing the word 'hospital,' Henry suddenly gripped the phone tighter.

She was at the hospital. It seemed that something had happened to her.

Henry swallowed his saliva for a moment, and asked again in a suppressed voice, "How is she?"

Frederick sighed, "I don't know. Sue hasn't called back yet."

"How long has it been?"

"It's been more than an h
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God didn’t do anything to him Mandy did
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Loretta Molia
I swear this author is anti children

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