Chapter 8


“Are you sure that we can trust him Kiara?” I asked Kiara looking her dead in the eye, her trust toward the man worried me, especially since we knew nothing about him or his background. She seemed too relaxed about it, she didn’t even hesitate for a second as she looked at the man who was hugging his wife and son.

“After this Nikolay, none of them will do anything that would betray your trust” Kiara said smiling, her eyes softening as the child kissed his father’s cheeks, the man smiled at his son and kissed his wife’s temple “you need to have men that were on the inside of the dirty work, you taught me that”

“I did, however, I didn’t teach you to trust these men, or to do them a favor” I said looking at my wife, her and I were sitting on the couch in the living room, Vladimir had Maddie in his arms as we relaxed for a bit before getting on to business. We still had a lot of work to

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ohhhh thr plot are getting more interesting. Love it...

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