Chapter 22



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By the time Iris was put in recovery ; Maria and Isabella were caught up in the same road block , which meant that they would get to the hospital two hours later than expected.

Alfred and Max were booked in for over night observation. So Javier was left alone in the waiting room. All he could think about was , what happened yesterday and the last time he was happy with Iris before he did what he did with Gina in the tree house.

Santiago spotted Javier who looked worried and tired ; the good news wad that Iris had made it through the morning but it would take a bit of time for her to come around but she was safe.

However Santiago was keeping something from Javier. 

The reason behind their bad blood for the past couple of years had been started by something that was misunderstood; it involved Gina, Iris and a lie Gina told to

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