Chapter Fifty Six

"I can come back later." She spoke. Looking away from Luke, I shook my head as I stood up. "Give me about five minutes and I'll be right out." Knowing my teeth really did need to be brushed, I rushed towards the bathroom with a smile on my face.  


"What's going on Sarah." I say walking towards her as she headed out the door. With no reply, we walked in silence. Continuing to following her, she walked me to my parents' house down the road from mine and it looks vacant. "So, you and Tom are living here alone?" Watching her face light up as I mention her son. I wish I was there for his birth but after these past few months, I made up for it by taking him a couple days a week so Sarah can get some time to herself. 

"Yea, the others had homes made for them and I fell in love with the place. I know there are a ton of memories here for you and that's what made it so special to me. I'd love to raise Tom in a home filled with so much love and fam

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