Magnus: Dragon Lord

Magnus: Dragon Lord

By:  Sir Rocket  Ongoing
Language: English
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Book two of the Magnus series. Rex recruits a few new allies and obtains new abilities, he sees new highs and hits new lows all on his path to greatness and power. He attracts more friends in this new land he now calls home and makes enemies of an older time that all lead to one place, The Choosing. Will the most potent ancient dragons accept him and make him the new emperor? Or will a new threat pull all that in a different direction altogether? One chapter will be released every two days.

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Slow updates makes you lose interest in the story
2023-10-07 14:59:31
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Brilliant story line and well written love to read a book about Rectors story too
2023-06-26 07:37:53
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The Dane
Incredible continuation to the story. I thought it might have been a different author with how much the content has improved, makes me the waiting for each update.
2023-06-11 10:11:28
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Heavy Reader
Awesome as always. Good to see we get to continue on a great story. Story is moving along perfectly good job author
2023-03-28 05:16:42
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Roy Sullivan Jr.
Enjoying the book. I'm glad to see a book 2 . Can't wait to read the continued story
2023-03-19 21:01:20
default avatar
How often are you updating?
2023-04-04 11:50:50
user avatar
Aroni Ninmo
wow...... nice
2023-03-07 21:46:03
107 Chapters
Chapter 1
Quickly dashing sideways to flank Telagus, Lacey and Minet both gripped their weapons tightly, waiting for Rex to close the distance front on, ‘Surely she cannot dodge an attack from the three of us at once’ he said through their connection.“Amusing,” Telagus said with a wide smile, watching the three assailants intently as they reached their destinations around him.“Won’t be so amusing when I shove my sword up your…” Lacey started to curse, getting cut off mid-sentence by a gust of air striking her in the chest, staggering her slightly.“No need for cuss words young filthy mouth,” Telagus growled, lowering his hand after pointing it at Lacey, “Your connection to each other is strong,” he continued his eyes darting to Minet and then back to Rex.‘When he hit Lacey, I felt it as well,’ Minet said.‘So did I, he must have noticed your flinch,’ Rex warned, “We must be careful of what strikes we take.’‘I’ve never seen anyone throw air like a weapon,’ Lacey added in, rolling her head fr
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Chapter 2
“If that is the case, mind telling me where we are?” Rex asked defiantly, angry at Telagus’s apparent pride at whatever he had done.“We are in a place that resides between your mother’s and your own mind, I have you in here to enjoy the show,” he replied with an evil smile.“Show? What show?” Rex asked, scowling while eyeing him suspiciously.“Oh right, I forgot, since your mother’s shell is technically in command of your actions, with my influence of course, I will help you see what you’re doing,” he continued, his eyes glowing red for a second, producing a large round disk between them.“What I’m doing…what the f**k are you on about?” Rex replied aggressively, he had no idea what was going on and was doing his best to try and stall Telagus to try and figure out a way out of his current predicament.Growling disdainfully, Telagus snapped his neck from side to side sharply, “Oh such filth from young mouths, it is disgusting to hear.”“Don’t like cuss words?” Rex asked, smiling.“I am
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Chapter 3
“You have set me up!!” Telagus roared in a panicked voice.“I did NO such thing! YOU did this, so now the sacred battle is null and void, Markus, Ley and Marcia, signal the full charge!” Rector roared.As they nodded their acknowledgement of the order, Telagus yelled at Rex, “Kill them all!!”Obeying the order, Rex immediately lit his hands on fire and began throwing fireballs into Rector’s charging army, killing scores of soldiers as they charged Telagus’s army, leaving many screaming in pain from burns.“Son, that is enough!” Rector said loudly, his voice echoing, quickly moving to be in front of Rex.“He does not listen to you,” Telagus said with an evil smile, “His connection to his mother is strong, stronger than even I predicted.”“We will see about that, Rex, that is NOT your mother, not your real mother,” Rector pleaded, staring into Rex’s eyes, trying his best to make it through the spell.Rex stopped throwing his fireballs after hearing his name called, snapping his head to
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Chapter 4
“Lizz, why have you put an earring on me? And why am I back in control of myself again?” Rex asked, eyeing Lizz suspiciously, not seeming to be able to let his hand move from the earring now firmly planted through his left-hand lower ear lobe. “Show an outwards sign of an inwards change,” she replied with a smile, lifting her hand out in front of her to show a note crumpled in her palm. “What are you talking about?” Rex asked, tilting his head with a half-smile, slightly confused. “Whatever she has done will make no difference, I will still end you all!” Telagus interjected, pushing Lizz to the side, as he did Rex could feel pain and anger suddenly rise out of nowhere. ‘What the…it feels like the connection I share with the other girls…speaking of which where are they?’ While Rex seemed distracted by the flood of unfamiliar emotions, Telagus jumped at the opportunity that arose, thrusting his sword forward quickly toward Rex’s chest. Once the sword had reached a mere inch from Re
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Chapter 5
Rex gripped the sword pommel a little tighter to ready himself to enter the fight, feeling a sudden warmth enter his palm, quickly flooding his entire body, the sudden increase in power even caused Fafnir to quickly gaze over to him before turning back to move to the side as one of Deacon’s conjured spears grazed this upper arm.‘Hurry now Rex, use the power she loans you to help me get rid of the traitor, his spears are highly distracting!’ he snarled.‘Yes Rex, let me taste the blood of the traitor,’ Sküülen said, sounding desperate for Rex to drain his blood.‘I hope I’m not going to regret this,’ Rex said to himself, getting a haughty chuckle from Fafnir and a few quizzical worried probes from Lacey, Minet and Marcia, ‘It’s fine, I’m ok,’ he reassured them, ‘I hope.’Using the extra strength and speed Sküülen was lending him, Rex closed the gap between himself and Deacon quicker than he could have by himself, so quickly that Deacon swore loudly as Rex appeared in front of him, swo
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Chapter 6
Seeing the shadow begin to grow in size and shape, Rex recognised it immediately, ‘Glad for the assistance Marcia.’Once Fafnir saw the skylark being ridden by Marcia ascending over the top of the lava beetle, he roared, “Flip the beast over quickly, we must kill it and return to dispatch Telagus!”Realising he had lost Telagus’s location while being focused on the beetle, Rex did a quick scan, spying him within seconds, fighting a group of his soldiers to carve a path through the ranks of soldiers who attempted to cut off their retreat, ‘We are losing too many men while battling this thing, we have to make this quick!’Dropping a little quicker, Ulna spread her talons under Marcia’s directions, quickly clamping to either side of the beetle’s outer shell, but before they could heave the beetle upward to flip it over, it quickly flicked its shell open, exposing the softer flesh and wings underneath. Seizing a quick opening, Marcia dropped onto the shell and drove her sword deep into th
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Chapter 7
“This time I have decided to follow your command my sweet,” Sküülen replied with a smile after a split second of deep thought, no doubt weighing up her options Rex thought. “So you will stay bound to me?” “Yes.” “Swear it,” Rex replied, watching her with fierce unblinking eyes, he remembered a lesson from Rector, ‘Ancient beings were bound by their words.’ “I swear I will remain bound to you when leaving,” Sküülen said in a monotone, clearly slightly annoyed. “Very well, come and assist me in this battle,” Rex said, satisfied. * * * As Rex’s vision began to come back to him, a strange buzzing noise began to enter his hearing, it sounded like someone was yelling at him, what was being said seemed distant and fuzzy, but with each passing second the words became clearer, “Rex!! Please wake up!” Slowly taking in his surroundings groggily, Rex felt like someone had smacked his head repeatedly with the headache he currently sported, then felt like something was wrong, he was not su
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Chapter 8
After merely a minute, Rex was regretting his decision to continue, the pain was already wreaking havoc on his body, he had heard and felt six ribs snap, and his collarbone and was pretty sure something was wrong with his spine and wouldn’t be surprised the cramping he felt in his abdomen meant internal damage. Ulna had still not moved since they began beside a few twitches, and the few times Rex had had to stop for a few seconds to breathe his way through a new wave of searing pain, Markus had quickly jumped in and checked her vitals, shaking his head each time. “Come on damn you,” Rex cursed after each time no change was found, the only thing that was keeping him going was the wave of hope he had felt through the bond he shared with Marcia, every time Markus checked Ulna’s vitals for any improvement the wave sent reassurance through him and gave him the strength to continue as his body was being broken and bent.Allowing the magic to fill him once mo
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Chapter 9
“You’re f**king kidding. Tell me you’re joking,” Lacey said, her face contorted with a frown.“If Rex says he is charging the necromancers with Sküülen, I’m inclined to believe him,” Markus said with a smile and one raised eyebrow, Ley looking through the scores of soldiers and beasts they would have to make it through to get there.“That has to be a stupider idea than staying to fight that tentaculum with Raz,” Minet sighed, shaking her head, Ley and Markus both looked at each other quickly with quizzical looks, Ley turning back to the battlefield.“My guess is at least 400 with a distance of 1000 paces,” Ley said suddenly, everyone turning to look at him, “not the best odds, but doable.”Looking at where he was, Rex knew he was talking about his estimate of how many stood between them and the necromancers, “That’s a lot,” he said with a heavy sigh.“Then you have blackguards to contend with before reaching the necromancers,” he added in, pointing to a line of soldiers that were watc
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Chapter 10
Seeing the look on everyone’s faces after his words inspired Rex, ‘Maybe it’ll go all as planned,’ he thought to himself, feeling a little glimmer of hope, mixed in with the sudden drain of slight weariness and ‘Hungry? I’m about to go and do something quite stupid, and I’m feeling hungry?’ he asked himself, a little confused, realising he had skipped breakfast and it was nearing noon now.The look of confusion on Rex’s face drew Markus’s attention, “I was wondering when you would want to eat something, a strong body requires fuel, never forget to eat, drink water and breathe, you cannot fight for long without them,” he smiled, reaching into his pocket, producing a small pouch, once it was opened, Rex’s nose filled with the smell of something delightful.“You had jerky this whole time?” Rex asked in an exaggerated tone, taking the few pieces Markus offered gladly, placing a whole piece in his mouth, chewing happily and groaning at the amazing flavour bursting in his mouth, “My god thi
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