Marked  By The Hybrid

Marked By The Hybrid

By:  Crystal L  Completed
Language: English
11 ratings
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"Call me Alpha, little wolf" Damien snarled looking at the girl who just walked into his office. "One thing that you need to understand, me being your wife does not and will NEVER mean that you're my Alpha" Natalia snapped. *************** Being born a rogue, Natalia has always wished to be part of a pack, somewhere to belong and call home. But when both Damien and Natalia’s worlds collide, in what humans call marriage; both the mafia and wolf worlds are shaken.

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Chrissie Slabberts
Great read. Thank you for an awesome story.
2023-03-29 20:17:36
user avatar
T White
This was a fun read overall. Good ending!
2022-11-05 23:05:03
user avatar
Rita Etianra Akadoronye
So very intriguing
2022-07-28 07:52:18
user avatar
Crystal L
Hello lovelies, Assassin Alpha and Alpha Nathan are now available on GoodNovel!
2022-07-18 19:29:13
default avatar
Really cute story!
2022-05-25 02:53:20
user avatar
LS Barbosa
I rarely say that I fell in love with a book, but this was too sweet not to fall for.
2022-05-14 10:59:01
default avatar
Really ended this book, so sad to see it end!
2022-04-27 14:44:18
user avatar
Crystal L
Hello readers, sorry for the slight mess up on Chapters 43 and 44. It should be fixed in a bit, please don't be alarmed, just clear your cache and it should be fixed up.
2022-04-19 17:56:48
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Tiana N
Author, update!
2022-04-03 05:33:13
user avatar
great novel
2023-06-02 19:01:51
default avatar
Skye McLeod
Poorly written hard to understand and the characters seem bipolar
2022-05-25 16:36:58
53 Chapters
Chapter 1
Natalia:“Are you excited?” Mum asked as she fixed my wedding dress. My green eyes met hers through the mirror, it was the one thing her and I had in common as I seemed to look nothing like her. Her hair was blonde while I was a brunette, she was taller and stronger than I was, while I was somewhat petite and shorter.Fucks sake, I was a WOLF! We didn’t get married. Well, unless it was human, but this is a different case. The man is NOT human!“Very, you’re making me marry a man who isn’t my mate. Not only that, the man would be mating with me, I would be forced to comply” I said looking at her through the mirror “and I don’t even need to mention that the man is a bloody mafia don! Of all the people that you could have chosen for me, you chose a bloody Russian Pakhan!”“Natalia, you know that it is impossible for you to find a mate. You getting married to Damien would only make you stronger
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Chapter 2
Damien:I watched as my wife said her goodbye before she approached me. Her emerald green eyes meeting my blue ones. I wrapped my arm around her, pulling her to me, knowing that people were still looking at us. The woman was doing her best to act normal despite being forced into this just as I was.“Smile, little wolf, people are still watching” I whispered before hugging her and kissing her forehead. She put her hand on my chest, right over my beating heart, and I smiled. People took us pictures and the two of us made sure to make our pictures look as presentable as possible. We both knew that our wedding would be spoken of everywhere, being who I was, the two of us knew that we had to hold our proper image.“Thank you for the unneeded reminder” she said pushing me away. I kept my arm wrapped around her as we both walked toward the limo. Her mum was headed to the airport as to head back to London. I had tried getting the woman to stay ba
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Chapter 3
Natalia:“Where are we going again?” I asked Damien who was driving. I didn’t even know when he brought his car considering the fact that his driver was the one who dropped us off here.“One of our restaurants. It has been closed for the evening for the two of us, and I figured we could have a ‘romantic’ dinner on our first wedding night” Damien said casually.“So, the big mafia Leonov Pakhan is closing a restaurant for a romantic date with a wife he didn’t want?” I asked raising an eyebrow at the man. Damien sighed and parked the car in front of the restaurant, looking me in the eye.“You do know that being Pakhan doesn’t make me a barbarian, Natalia” Damien answered getting out of the car. He vampire sped toward my side of the door, opening it for me “come on, little wolf”“Stop calling me that” I snapped at him.“I’ll call you
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Chapter 4
Damien:“I hope you’re not doing anything to mess your night up” mom said through the phone. Natalia went to the bathroom and I sighed when mom called me for the fifth time tonight. It was hard enough controlling myself around the girl, but it seemed like my beloved mother didn’t seem to want to understand that I wasn’t a barbarian on the loose.“I am not a child for you to check on every few hours, mother. But if it would assure you, I haven’t killed the woman” I snapped through the phone. I could hear mom growl through the phone, but I didn’t bother responding to it “Now, I need to hang up before she gets out of the bathroom”I hung up and put my phone in my pocket just as Natalia got out of the bathroom, smiling as she looked at me. I nodded smiling at her. The woman didn’t understand it yet, but she has been the one person who has made me feel content in years, and I am a person who has
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Chapter 5
Natalia:I frowned in confusion when I opened my eyes to find that I was sleeping on the bed.“Good morning, little wolf” Damien’s voice broke my trail of thoughts. His back was to me as he took a sip of what I could sniff out as whiskey.“Isn’t it too early to be drinking?” I asked.“I don’t know, is it?” He asked sarcastically. He got up from the couch and turned to face me, his eyes hard unlike they were last night. However, I couldn’t blame him, the argument we had before I slept gave me a hard time getting some shut eye. I removed the blanket from over my body, and glared at him.“Need I ask why I was asleep on the bed?” I knew that my question took the man off guard as he seemed to frown in confusion that I was angry about that. But he didn’t seem to understand that it was HIS bed, and I didn’t nee him acting like a gentleman.“Oh, I’m sorry
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Chapter 6
Damien:“Do you think it’s too much?” Natalia asked turning around, showing me the blue dress, she wore. She already fixed her makeup, and curled her hair, and was now wearing the dress. The sleeveless dress hugged her body perfectly from the top before loosening under her waist. The slit on the dress reached her mid thigh making it more comfortable for her to walk.“Not at all, malyshka” I said smiling. I was already wearing my suit’s shirt, and pants, my jacket and tie were left on the couch as I fixed my sleeves.“Can I ask a question?” She asked avoiding my eyes, her cheeks reddening.“You know that you don’t need to ask the same question whenever you have one, right?” I teased. Natalia smiled, shaking her head at me “tell me, sweetie?”“What does malyshka mean?” She asked shyly “you kept calling me that, but I don’t really know what it means&r
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Chapter 7
Natalia:I looked at Damien as he walked out of the veranda. The man’s eyes were filled with rage, not to mention his racing heartbeat which I could hear due to my sensitive hearing.Damien wrapped his arm around my shoulder the second he reached me, his eyes not meeting mine; though I could hear his racing heart.“Alpha” Sebastian, his beta said looking at him. His brown eyes met my husband’s blue ones, clearly waiting for him to give him whatever other order he wanted to give. Damien, despite having his arm wrapped around me, clenched and unclenched his fist as an attempt to calm himself down.“I want you to check the whole building for the bastard. I don’t want him in the perimeter, and if you do spot him; throw him out, or kill him. Both options work fine for me” Damien said angrily. Sebastian nodded not saying another word as Damien pulled me from where I was standing, walking around the gala as he scanned th
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Chapter 8
Damien:“What is this place?” Natalia asked looking around the outdoor restaurant I took her to. Her eyes were wide when she saw the table the waiter guided us toward, and having left her jacket at the gala, it was my fault for liking her scent on mine and refusing to go back and getting hers, she was wearing my jacket.I pulled out her chair and watched as she took a seat, smiling at her calm heartbeat before kissing the crown of her head. She let out a breathy laugh as I did, and I walked toward my chair, sitting in front of her. The dim lights around us made the scene a whole lot more romantic than it already was. Flowers were placed on every table as well as candles, the floor was also covered with petals which swarmed around us with the wind giving it a magical aroma.“This, my beauty, is one of the best romantic spots here at New York. I figured since I ruined the night at the gala, might as well make use of it since the night is still yo
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Chapter 9
Natalia:“Are you sure you’re okay with this, Natalia?” Damien asked cupping my cheeks, making me look at him.“I want to officially meet the family, Damien. Plus, it’s been two weeks since we both got married; I believe that we’ve had enough of a ‘honeymoon’ as it is” I teased. Damien got a call from his mum last night asking him to come home, whatever the reason was; Damien hasn’t discussed it with me, and in all honesty; I didn’t even ask. As for meeting the family, I have barely seen Isabella when they had proposed to me, and my one conversation with Lyov was him asking me whether I was sure about this wedding or not. Sebastian and I spoke at the wedding, and other than that; I was somewhat isolated from everyone, merely seeing them with mum, and making sure that I was on my best behavior as not to ruin the chances of the wedding.Damien nodded, letting me go to close the last bag before wrapp
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Chapter 10
Damien:“Natalia, you will need…”“I am not like the other women in your Estate, Liz. I must thank you for your offer, but I know that Damien would not go ahead looking at other women. Had he wanted it, he wouldn’t have married me to begin with” I heard Natalia stopping Liz. I smiled as I listened to what she said before knocking the door twice, breaking their conversation. Whatever it was they were talking about, I didn’t like it, and it seemed to annoy Natalia too.Natalia opened the door for me, smiling as I wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her to my chest “I suggest that you don’t fill my beauty’s head with mom’s nonsense, Liz. You of all people should know that mom did try bringing in other women, and they were all sent back just as they came”“Alpha…”“My love and respect for you are endless, Liz; however, as a friend, I suggest that you
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