Chapter 46


“You were right, Alpha” Sebastian said as the two of us walked around the Estate. Most of the pack members were either on a round of search or out at school. The only ones inside were the girls who also tended to their duties and responsibilities. Some of them were here training too.

Having just found a ‘spy’ trying to roam around the pack grounds. The lad was a member of Killian’s pack, and by was, I mean that when he was alive at least. His corpse has been sent to his Alpha as to teach him a fine lesson, and I’m pretty sure that things won’t be ending too well for him this time.

“You and I both knew that the man planned war when he tried killing Nat. Now, he’s gaining strength, or at least he’s trying to. Knowing that Ace is on our side isn’t the something that he wanted to think of dealing with, but seeing as he’s forced to right now; the man won’t be too thrilled” I s

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