Chapter 49


I laid on the couch with my head on Liz’s lap as she ran her fingers through my hair.

Knowing what my husband was out doing not only killed me inside, but scared me too.

Scared me because I didn’t know how mum’s reaction was going to be. She was a mother who has been deprived from her son only to be reunited with him just recently. Her losing him was not only going to set her aloft, but was going to drive her mad.

I won’t even mention Killian who would come announcing war against Damien, and judging by the way he’s been doing things lately; the man would have nothing to lose this time.

Rumors have had it that he and mum weren’t on any terms, he didn’t care about her and she didn’t dare approach him. If he had let her in the pack; it was for their son who wanted to be around his mother after this many years of being forced away from her. Their relationship remained unspoken of, and her sister

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