Chapter 9

"I'm, I'm so sorry," I stuttered as I realized the thing I ran into was actually a person. I looked up to see a tall man in a suit with brown eyes so light in the middle it was almost golden.

"It's fine," his voice was monotone as it ripped me from my embarrassing trance and he stepped to the side and kept walking completely unphased.

I found their building not too far from where I was, the front was basically a giant window, which would be awesome for them in terms of advertising what they are, and drawing people in. Dez and Nathan seemed deep in conversation, I paused and debated going in at all, but I couldn't help wondering if all the men here were going to be this handsome. Nathan was no exception with his bright blue eyes, strong jawline, and dirty blonde hair that was short on the sides, but long enough to swoop slightly over on top.  

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Debbie Proffer
Hmm wonder if she runs into nicholi

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