Mine - The Alpha's Possession

Mine - The Alpha's Possession

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After living with her father and evil stepmother in their werewolf pack for the last year, Taylor is finally asked to return to her mother and her original pack. What she had been wanting the whole time she was living with her father. But upon her return she learns that the pack has been taken over by another pack and is under a new Alpha after the previous Alpha disappeared. She needs to adjust to a whole new pack then the one that she thought she was going home to. But she knew that her friends were there and that's what she was counting on getting her through this terrible time. Little did she know that the terrible times were just starting, and the Alpha, he wasn't the enemy that she was facing. With a lot of betrayal from the people that she trusted the most and the family that she never knew that she had, she is in for a lot of surprises and a lot of suspense and surprises that she never would have seen coming in a million years.

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'Mine - The Alpha's Possession' is a stimulating novel telling the adventures of Taylor. She had been living with her father and evil stepmother for the last year. Just as she wished, this year she can go back to her mother. Upon returning, she found out that the pack had been taken over by another pack and had a new Alpha. To her surprise, the new Alpha was not her real enemy, and she was betrayed by the people she trusted the most. Little did she know she was in for lots of suspense and surprises ... 

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When my mother told me that I needed to go and stay with my father a year ago, I was less than impressed with it. I knew that our pack was having difficulties as the Alpha had just died and his 19-year-old arrogant prick of a son was our new Alpha but sending me away seemed a little extreme. I didn't want to leave. I was only 16 and all my friends were there and my whole life had been that werewolf pack. My father had since found a new mate and she is an evil woman who hates kids and especially hated me cramping their style. When I first arrived at their house she acted as though I was a toddler and I was going to completely disrupt their lives. I wasn't a fucking child. I knew how to take care of myself. If they wanted to go out then they didn't need to find me a babysitter. I was old enough to be a babysitter. But she still hated my presence here in the house. She vowed as soon as I moved into the house that I was going to get a job and take care of myself. They weren't even goin
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"What the fuck is your problem Victoria?" I yelled, grabbing my lip. "Do you have any idea what time it is?" She yelled standing over me while I was backed against the wall. "Yeah. It's midnight. Since when do you fucking care when I get home?" I yelled getting up. And then I heard my father coming down the hallway. His loud footsteps meant he just got out of bed and wasn't happy. "Don't talk to your mother like that." He growled at me with blackened eyes. "She's not my mother." I yelled back, getting right up in his face, letting him know that I wasn't scared of him or his bitch of a mate. "Why is she bleeding?" He asked, confused. "Because that bitch just punched me when I walked through the fucking door." I yelled, gesturing to Victoria. "I told you not to talk to her like that." Thomas yelled at me. "Why don't you yell at her for hitting me." I yelled. "I'm sure she has her reasons." He says. And I stepped back rolling my eyes at him. "Nope. She just felt like hit
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I was kept in the hospital for a while until they got me the right painkillers and plastered my arm properly and then I headed downtown and it was too late to even attempt going to school today so I went to the diner and started work early. I had tried to call my mother but she didn’t answer. It was only 1pm which meant an extra 3 hours of work coming my way and that meant more tips since it was the lunch rush at the moment. And the whole time I had the thought of possibly going home on my mind. But I wasn't going to say anything to anyone until I knew for sure. I hadn't been told anything directly. Only a conversation that my mother had with the Alpha. That was hardly conclusive. So, I decided that I would call her tonight when I finished work. I knew that she would still be awake and I would skip training. My shift seemed to take forever that night but when it was finally closing time, I walked towards the gym but I stopped outside and I sat on a chair out there and I pulled out a
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"What the hell are you doing here?" I whispered so that Thomas and Victoria couldn't hear me. "I didn't have anywhere else to go." He says. "I thought you were dead." I say. "No. He didn't kill me." Lucas says. "I felt the tether break." I say. "I surrendered. That's why the tether broke and he became your new Alpha." He says. And that was definitely obvious. He looked malnourished, his clothes were filthy and torn, and he smelt like he hadn't bathed in months and huge dark circles under his eyes. "So, why the hell did you come to me?" I asked pushing him away from the house. This was the last thing I needed. "Because I don't have anyone else that I can turn to." He says. "Well, you can't turn to me either. I don't want you here. You're just going to get me or my friends killed. Get the hell out of here. Alpha Jackson is already asking questions about me." I say. "Why?" He asked, looking at me weird. Like he didn't even understand what I said. "Because Jackson think
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"What's going on?" I asked as my voice croaked a little. "Let's go and sit down." Mom says taking me into the kitchen. So, we went back into the kitchen and my father was sitting at the table with a beer in his hand and the Alpha also had a beer. But he wasn't doing much talking while my mother made coffee for me and herself. "What about me? This is my house?" Victoria asked. "What about you?" I spat out without realizing it. And then I clamped my lips shut as I looked at Alpha Jackson. "You look good. Did you just come from training?" Mom asked me to change the subject. "I hear the head trainer Ethan is a really good guy. He has trained some great warriors here." Mom's mate Isaac says. I tried to stop myself from blushing but I think it came through a little bit. "She's got the hots for him. That's why she goes every night." Victoria snickered in the background. "Jealous? It’s not my fault he thinks you’re an evil witch." I snapped. "I've told you not to talk to Victor
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ALPHA JACKSON POV We had been standing outside the house for a while now waiting for Taylor to pack her belongings and I knew that she was a girl and everything but it shouldn't take her that long. So, I walked back into the house and I went to her room and started banging on the door. But there was no answer. Her mother followed me down the hallway. "Please. You're going to scare her." Avery says. "For some reason, I think it takes a lot to scare your daughter." I said banging on the door again. But there was again no answer. I tried to open the door handle but it was locked so I put my shoulder into the door smashing it open and I walked inside. There was a suitcase with clothes thrown everywhere but there was no Taylor. The window was wide open and I knew exactly what had happened. Was she really happier here with these abusive bastards then back with her own mother. I couldn't make sense of that. "On no Taylor." Avery said more to herself than to me. She was worried for he
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Alpha Jackson headed straight for the highway and slowed down as soon as we hit the road. Almost like he was trying to make the drive go on for longer than it should. Was this my punishment? Psychological torture? Not knowing what he was going to do to me and making it go on forever? He ordered all the other cars to go straight ahead to the pack and we were at the back of the line of cars and the warriors that were running along the side of the cars were ordered to go ahead as well. I was getting really nervous at this point, but I was sure that I didn't let him know that. I controlled my heart rate and my breathing and I just looked out the window in the night sky. It had been a really long day. And I was getting really tired. I knew that I wanted to go to sleep, but at the same time, I knew that I didn't. It was a weird feeling. And every now and again I could feel Alpha Jackson staring at me. Even without me looking at him. He was a menacing figure, even while sitting there quie
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I knew that Alpha Jackson was trying out some sort of scare tactic on me. It was taking forever to get back to the Red Moon Pack and he didn't seem to mind at all. He looked like he was actually enjoying the very slow and long trip back. Probably because he knew that I was getting uncomfortable. I finally had enough of it and I grabbed my handbag and I pulled out my cigarette and rolled down the window and lit one up. He stared straight at me when I did that and I just kept puffing away on it. "I knew that I could last three hours without one but you are driving so fucking slow that it is driving me crazy." I say. "Put it out." He demanded. "Nope." I say. And when he tried to reach over and grab it off me, I pulled my hand away so that he couldn't. I looked back at him with a very determined look on my face, letting him know that I wasn't giving up my cigarettes without a fight. "When the hell did you start smoking anyway? No one ever mentioned that. Not even when I was pu
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When we finally got back to my mom's house she came running out of the house and hugged me the second I got out of the car. "Oh my god. What happened to you?" She asked, looking me over. And that's when I noticed that I was covered in little cuts and bruises from running through the woods. I looked over at Alpha Jackson who had gotten out of the car and was resting his arms on the roof of his car and I gave him a wry smile. "Oh. He did it." I say pointing to Alpha Jackson as I start pretending to sob. And the Alpha's eyes went a little wider when I said that. "What?" She asked, shocked. "I guess that was my punishment for running away. He totally beat the hell out of me. I thought he was going to kill me." I say pretending to cry. But I saw Alpha Jackson standing in the same spot that he was before with his head hanging low just shaking it at the display that was unfolding in front of him. "Really?" He asked, lifting his head and raising his eyebrows at me. "I swear mom. He
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I stayed in bed for ages just lying there thinking about the dream when I finally decided to get up and I could see the sun was starting to go down. So, I must have had a few hours' sleep that day. I dragged myself out of bed and I walked downstairs and mom was home from work and was in the kitchen making dinner. "Hi. I was going to wake you for dinner but I thought you needed the rest." She says watching me head for the coffee pot. "No. I got a couple hours of sleep. Any more than that and I probably won't sleep tonight." I say. "That's a good point." She says. "Do you need a hand?" I asked, looking around at everything that she had scattered on the bench. "Nope. It's almost done." She says. "Where's Isaac?" I asked. "Oh. It's just us tonight. Isaac is on patrol duty tonight." She says. "Oh yeah. I see you two are still getting along better than before I left." I say. "I know that we're not fated mates and we chose each other as mates. But I couldn't have chosen a be
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