Taylor stood there looking at me in fear. This is what she had been fearing. That evil Taylor was going to come out and make an appearance. And if that happened, I had to think about the warriors in the other cell's. I needed to be prepared to free them if she lost control. And if Evil Taylor came out tonight, not even these bars would hold her.

Taylor concentrated as hard as she could and she managed to control the flames in her fingers and make them disappear. But then she started levitating off the ground. She had no control at all of what she was doing and she looked terrified.

Taylor then looked straight ahead of her and started talking to someone. But I couldn't see anyone there.

"Vincent." She says..."You're dead. I know that you're dead." She says.

"Taylor. Vincent isn't there." I told her.

"Yes he is. I'm looking straight at him." She says.

"He's dead. You just said it yourself. What is he saying to you?" I asked.

"He says that he is dead. But he is here to see m
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