I sat there staring at the note from Carter and I did first think of throwing it away. But I decided to put it in the cupboard drawer. I was trying to figure out when he was able to sneak in and put that note on the computer. But I figured that it had to be the night before. He was still finding his way in whenever the hell he wanted to. And that was getting me a little worried with my kids being in the house. He could do whatever he wanted because we obviously didn't hear him coming in.

I ordered an increased patrol presence around the packhouse. Meaning, there were men to be standing guard outside the packhouse at all times. I wasn't going to allow him to get in again. Not with my babies in the house. And then there was Aria and Edward. And she was about to have her little one. They were living with us again, on the first floor. Which means they were very close to this guy last night and they still didn't hear anything. It was pretty scary that werewolves weren't woken to an intru
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