It took a couple of hours for us to get to our new pack and we were in complete awe. The kids were so excited about everything that they saw while driving through the town. But it was nothing compared to how quiet they got when Jeremy pulled up outside the four-story packhouse.

It was bigger than the one in our last pack. And this town was bigger. I could only imagine how many people lived here. I was also in complete shock and awe and Jeremy got out of the car and he came around and opened my door for me.

He held my hand while I got out of the car and the others just barreled out like they didn’t have a care in the world.

Soon, the front door of the packhouse opened and a stiff and staunch man walked out onto the veranda of the packhouse with a woman standing right behind him.

“Father. This is my mate Cora. Cora, this is my father, Alpha Henry and my mother Luna Elsie.” Jeremy introduced and I bared my neck to them in respect. But I heard his father grunt slightly as the kids
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