I think I might have scared Jeremy a bit after that because of what I said and I could feel him getting really anxious. Scared that I was going to leave him. So I saw him go to his father immediately and dragged him off to the side so that no one else could hear what they were talking about. I was inside watching through the window and they were getting into a pretty heated argument and drawing a lot of attention to themselves. So Luna Elsie started clearing everyone out away from the packhouse. She didn’t want everyone to see what was happening and I started feeling guilty about causing so much tension between father and son. I didn’t mean to. I just wanted to let Jeremy know that if my brothers and sisters had to leave then I would be leaving with them. I promised to take care of them and I am all they have in the world.

Jeremy finally came back inside and he walked straight over to me. Knowing how guilty I felt right now and he wrapped his arms around me.

“Don’t feel guilty. Th
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