As the men were slowly approaching the house I saw that a lot of them were wearing motorcycle gear. Like they belonged to motorcycle gangs and it looked like they were the ones running the show. I didn’t know why they had a grudge against us. We didn’t care what illegal activities they were up to, we just wanted to be left alone.

I finally turned the corner of the packhouse, shifting while running, my clothes shredding everywhere. The men looked to the side at me and the three werewolves following me and they got a look of panic on their faces as they tried to turn around and point their guns at us.

I jumped on the first guy that was closest to me and I grabbed his machine gun in my mouth. I ripped it from his hands and threw it away with my head. The gun disappeared into the woods.

The man then punched me in the face and then punched me again and I leaned closer to his face, baring my teeth and growling at him. He turned his head, thinking that I was going to kill him. But inst
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Story was too short
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Sarah-jane Evans
is there gonna be anymore please
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suzanne byers
hoping that there is more

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