As the council was sitting there waiting for the inevitable attack on us, we stood there. Not prepared to make the first move. And it was Josiah that was getting more impatient by the second. He was the one that was getting restless in his seat and wanting something to happen. Ezekial just sat there like he was really bored. Like he had seen too many of these battles and Gabriel was enjoying every second of the suspense.

Josiah gave the order for the vampires to attack and they all started running towards us and the wolves started crouching to the ground, fully ready for the attack when I put my hand up and all the vampires ran straight into an invisible barrier and couldn't get to me or my pack. They all looked at each other confused and looked back at the council. Josiah was really pissed off and Gabriel was leaning forward in his chair.

"She's half fae. She has powers." Ezekial said in his bored tone. And I smiled at the council while I raised my other hand and Gabriel was lift
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