We got the bodies to the hospital and Jackson and I needed to do the notifications to the families of the dead warriors. And then we called a meeting with all warriors that weren't on current patrol duty.

We met them out the back of the packhouse because the meeting hall was taken at the moment and the conference room wasn't big enough. Even the warriors from the home pack were still holding up their duties on this pack.

Jackson insisted that we increase patrols. There are going to be more people on patrol at once. But some need to be hidden. They can't stay right by the border, but they need to be near the border in case the warriors are attacked and the back ups can save them. We need to at least triple our patrols of a day and night. And right now, we will be cutting it a little thing but we think we can do it.

I announce to everyone that I just got a call from more refugees that are headed this way. They are going to be here this afternoon. Their pack was attacked and these
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