Mr. CEO! It's you and me against the world

Mr. CEO! It's you and me against the world

By:  Sweetanne110  Completed
Language: English
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After being saved by an unknown man who turned out to be Ricardo Kincaid, the successor and only son of Mr. Desmond Kincaid, the CEO and founder of Megabiz, Lisa Thompson was hellbent on having a relationship with him despite his coldness. But one thing that Lisa was unaware of was that Ricardo Kincaid might not be the man she thought he was. He might be hiding a secret that might destroy them if it ever got out...

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this book is a masterpiece! Im loving it so far ...
2022-03-24 01:54:32
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Poorly written
2023-04-19 17:44:01
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Chapter 1
"Ell...Ell" he stammered as he felt the cold metal on his wrists, and before he could say anything else, he was roughly pushed out of his apartment into the cold night and into one of their cars. * Lisa Thompson sluggishly sat up on her bed and turned on her laptop. She clicked on her G***l app and went through her emails. All of a sudden, her eyes caught a message, and she hurriedly clicked on the message with her heart beating hard."Yes" she said happily with her eyes closed tight, her fists clenched and her elbows bent.Lisa was beyond happy, and she still found it unbelievable that Megabiz Inc. had chosen her out of all the applicants that had applied for the post of managing director's secretaryship.She opened her eyes a few seconds later and went through the message again in order to confirm that her eyes hadn't played her.After going through the message again, she jumped out of her bed and ran to the room next to hers."Summer!" She shouted a
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Chapter 2
"Easy girl. Easy" he said as he softly cleaned her lips."Thank you" Lisa said."It's okay" the man said and went back to his seat. "I'm Clifford by name" he added and stretched out his hand for an handshake.Because of what the man had done for Lisa some seconds ago, Lisa had no other option than to chat with him even though she hadn't planned to chat with anybody at the club.Lisa. She thought. This is going to be a long night.She picked up her cocktail and drank everything in a chug."I'm Lisa," she replied and took the man's hand.The man beamed, "It's nice meeting you" and they released each other. "I'm sorry for the way my friend acted earlier. He was drunk. I didn't send him here. I just told him that I liked you, and the next thing I knew, he was walking towards you""It's okay" Lisa said as she unconsciously lifted her wineglass to her mouth."It's empty" Clifford said as he pointed his finger at the wineglass."What?"
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Chapter 3
Earlier that nightA man who was sitting at an extremely dark corner of the club eyebrows knitted together as he watched Clifford approaching a girl that was quietly sipping her cocktail. He knew his type, and he hated men like him the most.If only the girl knew what type of a man he was. The man thought as he drank from the bottle in his hand.The man had planned to leave the club five minutes prior to Clifford joining the girl and was about standing up when a guy with curly hair approached her.And for some unknown reasons, he decided to sit and watch how things turned out for her.Two hours later, he saw the girl leaving with Clifford, and his subconscious told him to follow them. He dropped his bottle, paid his bill and followed them.I knew it. He thought as he saw the curly-haired guy and three others following Clifford and the girl without the girl's awareness.The man walked past the four guys as if he had no idea what was
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Chapter 4
Within micro seconds of seeing the man in front of him, the curly-haired guy trailed off and terrifically dropped the knife that was in his hand. Lisa immediately moved away from him and she watched as the man raised his fist in the air and connected it with the curly-haired guy's face."I hate cowards like you the most," the man growled as he raised his hand in the air and connected it with his face again.Something cracked, and the guy cried out in pain."Fight me if you can," the man said as he wrapped his hand around his neck, raised him in the air, and flung him away. "Since the second I saw you guys at the club, I knew you were up to no good."He tilted his head in Lisa's direction and focused his eyes on her.Lisa became curious about who the mysterious man was and she began to wonder what he looked like because, apart from his heavy masculine figure, and height, Lisa wasn't able to make out any other features.They were in a dark corner in the m
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Chapter 5
Three minutes earlierAs Lisa turned around, her subconscious asked curiously. "What are you doing?" "Going back," Lisa replied. "Don't!" Her subconscious warned."I'm going back, and that is final. I don't want to be a coward. The man only hates cowards"."Yay!" her stubborn part screamed in triumph.Lisa's last statement gave her some strength, and she began to run until she felt as if the air would be knocked out of her.She was doing all this because she wanted to meet the man before he entered the club.There he is. She thought as she saw him walking slowly towards the club, and with her purse in her left hand and her right hand akimbo, she tried to calm herself down by inhaling a large amount of oxygen for a few seconds before shouting."Hey you, saviour, what is your name?"The man slowly turned around, his eyes narrowing as he realized the girl he had assumed was now inside her room, trying to sleep, wa
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Chapter 6
Lisa joined the man at a table, which was placed in an extremely dark corner of the club, and she looked around inquisitively. Other than the people that were in the lighter part of the club, you could hardly see the people next to you.Suddenly, her eyes connected with her former table, which was now occupied by a couple.Curiously, Lisa looked at the man who had not said a word to her since they had been seated and said, "Was this your former seat?"The man shifted in his seat but didn't say a word."Hmmmm. I guess it was, " Lisa said, nodding her head countless times. "So, the whole time, you were watching me from this dark corner. Lisa's stubborn part found that very funny, and Lisa began to laugh until she felt tears in her eyes."That was so cute." She laughed harder and clapped her hands. "I've only read about knights in shining armor in novels. I didn't know that I'd get to meet mine in real life. " She rolled her eyes into the
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Chapter 7
The next morning, the man who had hardly closed his eyes rose on his feet to the sound of someone knocking on his bedroom door. He looked at the girl that was sleeping peacefully on his bed, walked to the door and checked out the visitor through the peephole before opening the door.He slightly opened the door and stood between it.When the woman that was knocking on the door saw him, she smiled wholeheartedly and tried to hug him, but when she saw the look on his face, she stood on her ground and said, "Longest time, Brother."Without showing any sign of affection, the man glared down at her and said, "What are you doing here?"With the woman's smile still on her face, she replied. "To welcome you back. You were gone by the time we got there. "The man said nothing."Dad also sent me to you," the woman added."I have nothing to do with him." The man said."He said he wants you back home."The man's eyes narrowed, his jaw tightened, and h
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Chapter 8
"Don't you remember anything?" The man asked.Lisa froze, looked into space and began to rack her brain. And after some seconds, she faced Ricardo and replied. "Nothing. I remember nothing."The man scoffed, put down his leg, and said "You took it off by yourself. You said you were boiling in it."Lisa's jaw dropped in disbelief, and her eyes became as round as saucers. How could she do such a thing? She thought. Because she knew the type of girl she was. She was one of those girls that was ready to stay in one piece of clothing for years if it was going to protect her from men.Ricardo rose on his feet and began to walk towards a door that Lisa hadn't noticed until now."Make sure you're fully dressed before I come back," the man said without looking at her.He pressed the door handle and was about to open the door when her voice stopped him."Please, before you go";"What?" He replied with his hand still on the door handle and wit
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Chapter 9
Ricardo's amusing face immediately turned into a cold glare with daggers, and that satisfied Lisa's stubborn part which had been planning to get back at him since last night. It jumped up in joy and winked at Lisa's subconscious, which was now in full support of things.For the first time since last night, Ricardo was caught off guard, and that pleased Lisa."It's not my fault," Lisa shrugged. "It's your visitor's," she added.Her smile became wider, and she licked her bottom lip. She was enjoying every second of this to the fullest.Ricardo fully turned around and took a step closer to her, with his glacier look chilling her more than the early morning freezing temperature."That is not my name," he said.Lisa faked being surprised, and her mouth formed a huge 'O'. "Ooh... Ooh. It's not your name. "Her expression changed from surprised to puzzled, and a deep furrow appeared on her forehead.She hugged herself deeper and said. "Who
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Chapter 10
He said calmly, "She's not someone you know," and faced the grave. "And she hates stalkers like you." Slowly, Lisa moved closer to him, to the grave, and read what was written on it."Ellen Swift, we love you"She tilted her head and looked at the quiet Ricardo who was standing next to her.His blue eyes, which were fixed on the name that was embedded in the grave, were calm and sad at the same time, and that raised a billion questions about the identity of the woman and who she was to Ricardo, to start racing through Lisa's head.She heaved a sigh in order to get Ricardo's attention.Ricardo gave her a questioning look."I guess she was a nice person," she said, and fixed her eyes on his.Ricardo's eyes twinkled for a microsecond, and Lisa would have missed it if her eyes hadn't been fixed on his. Ricardo took his eyes off hers and went back to looking at the name on the grave without saying a word.Lisa added
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