My Billionaire Ex-wife

My Billionaire Ex-wife

By:  blazers990  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alexia is a beautiful lady, she marries the love of her life when she is only twenty years old. Her hopefull thoughts of happily ever after turns to doom and when she sees a little bit of hope, she is framed by husband's mistress. "It is either you confess or I divorce you." Edward says calmly, with no emotion. "Let's get divorced then, I am tired of all this." Alexia responds feeling agitated.

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Precy Quijano
Love this nove
2023-07-10 18:08:05
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Maria Trow
great book can not wait to read more
2023-06-27 19:50:05
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Delinda Schumacher
197 chapters 6-9-23
2023-06-10 00:19:13
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Elza Saint-Louis
It’s good, she took her life back and is the most important thing. People can relate to her story.
2023-05-19 20:21:17
user avatar
The plot is really good but it's not edited. It gets a little confusing at times. The grammar is terrible. The chapters are also really short. Sometimes the story deviates from the plot. Msg me to know how the story goes if you want.
2023-03-13 03:40:06
197 Chapters
Chapter 1 Living In Hell
She drives hurriedly away from the hotel and makes her way to the highway. The car stops abruptly and her head bangs ate steel wheel slightly. She gasps and a tear roll down her eyes, she looks around her and sees that she is on the road. A second later and she hears car horns right behind her car. She tries to switch it back to life but it doesn’t pay heed to her, she sniffs and tries again and again.The other cars passed her by and she heard them curse at her but that wasn’t her worry, she has to get the car out of the way. When she tried to get it working again, it doesn’t and she starts hitting the wheel with all her frustration. The car jumps to life and she hurriedly parks it by the roadside, and she gets out and rushes to the walkway. She leans on the rails and looks down to see the rocks a long way underneath the bridge.Her long hair flows in the air and tears creep down her beautiful porcelain white face, she gasps and starts hitting her chest as she cries out. A few moment
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Chapter 2 Your Tears Are Your Treasure
She moves her body slowly and makes it back to her room, she throws herself on her bed and puts the pillow on her head. Her shoulders move up and down and stifled sounds can be heard in the room, she falls asleep in tears and sorrow but then after several hours, she hears a ping sound from her phone and she wakes up hurriedly as if she wasn’t the one sleeping peacefully before.She unlocks the phone and sees a picture sent to her, her face frowns for a second, and her hand starts shaking. On the phone, a god-like man is leaning on the couch lazily as his head rests on it. In his arms is a beautiful lady who is kissing him on his lips and under it is written,“He is mine for tonight and the rest of the days to come.”She looks at the time the message was taken and it was ten o’clock in the evening. She looks at the current time and realizes that it is four o’clock in the morning. A weak smile appears on her face and the phone falls out of her hand and hits the floor. A river of tears r
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Chapter 3 Cloth Yourself
Alexia stands in front of the door, wanting to knock at the door, but she is afraid of what she may see inside. Although Edward has always been cold and indifferent to her, she still cannot face Edward's betrayal directly.'You can't be a coward, Alexia! You can't live like this, and you can still live on your own even without Edward. You've suffered four years of humiliation and it's time to get rid of it.'Alexia summons the courage and enters the room code, then the door is open and, a smell of post-sex washes over her nose and Alexia feels like she almost couldn't breathe. But as she calms down the scene before her shocks her even more.The man on the bed is not Edward, but two fat older men?! And Cecelia is lying between them.What is going on here? Why is Cecelia not lying in the arms of Edward, but in the bed of these two old men? Before Alexia could react, Cecelia wakes up.Instead of grief, her eyes glows with triumph.Alexia looks at her with her mouth gaped, she looks at he
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Chapter 4 Believe Me
Flashback endsAn hour later, the sun rises and she looks up at the sun, she smiles weakly amidst the tears and say’s to herself,“After darkness comes out the sun. This too shall surely pass. She should be alright, right? I wish they didn’t have their way with her. What could have happened for this to happen? Cecelia was supposed to be in bed with my husband and not those ugly things. Now, I don’t know which one is better, my husband or those things.”Alexia stands up from the floor and continues saying,“She wants to blame me, what will I do now? Edward doesn’t seem to believe me either. I should try to explain to him, when he sees the fact, he will surely understand that it has nothing to do with me.”She walks the her car and drives towards the house. Her only prayer that the family and Edward do not misunderstand her. Thirty minutes later, she arrives at the house and she only hears silence, she sighs loudly and she gets out of the car. She looks around as if she is thief about
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Chapter 5 Let's Get Divorced
She is standing in front of the courtroom at exactly eight o’clock, she recalls the moment she had come to the same place with Edward to get their marriage certificate. She felt excited at that moment as she had never been, then she recalled her temperament of Edward at the moment. His temperament was serious and it looked like he was only handling business. A weak smile appears on her face and she says to herself,And I thought, ‘he has always been serious even at happy times. He might be boiling out of happiness on the inside but he doesn’t want anyone to see his excitement.’ Who would have thought I was only convincing myself to believe what wasn’t there. If only I had opened my eyes then, I wouldn’t have had such long years with him.When she finishes speaking, she sees a man dressed in a black suit with sunglasses on his face and a suitcase in his hand. He looks in her way as soon as her eyes leave him and he starts walking toward her. A few meters from her, a black limousine hal
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Chapter 6 Finally Free
They walk toward the officials when it’s their turn, they hand them the certificate and she takes it while smiling, she fills in her name hurriedly and tosses it to him when she is done. He takes the pen and puts it on the paper in the way of writing, she looks at the paper closely. And when she realizes that he isn’t writing, she looks up at him and sees him staring at her with a flicker of uncertainty in his eyes. She nods at him assuring him with a smile on her face.Edward bites his lip and continues writing, when he is done, he gives it to the official and she stamps on it. They are given copies each and she laughs out,“I am finally free!!!”She looks at him and sees him with a confused expression but she just shrugs and is about to walk away but he stops her by holding her hand. She looks at her held hand and looks up at him with a glare. He releases his hand immediately and he says to her in a rude tone,“Did you forget about the press conference? You promised to confess and a
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Chapter 7 My Brother is Alive
Edward takes his phone from his pocket and he is about to make a call, suddenly, a call comes in. His expression changes from a blank one to a dark one, he picks up the call hesitantly and he speaks,“Cecelia, why are you calling?”But then he hears a male voice speaking,“The miss is not doing well at the moment, do you mind coming around? She asked me to call you when I asked of a relative of hers.”He hangs up and drives away tracing the location of the phone. It shows him a hospital and he drives in the same magnitude he used in coming to the cemetery.….The car stops in front of a huge building that can be classified as a palace and in front of it is a garden about a hundred meters long she sees various flowers planted, the garden has a long hedge along the edges that paves the way towards the gate. Alexia smiles largely and thinks,‘This was my dream garden, am I here to see my brother? How does he look now? How could he acquire all these riches to be able to purchase a house i
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Chapter 8 I am dying
In the hospital, Edward rushes towards the room and he opens it hastily, Cecelia looks in his way and starts crying. He hurries to her and holds her hand as she lays on the bed, he looks in the way of the doctor and inquires,“What the hell is wrong with her? Why is she crying like this?”The doctor shakes his head slowly and whispers,“I don’t have the right to inform you. When she calms down, she will tell you herself.He glares at him and shouts at him,“If so, then, what the hell are you doing here? Get out of my sight!!”Cecelia holds his hand and puts it under her head. She caresses him with tears flowing on his hand. He looks on helpless and says calmly to her,“Cece, if you don’t tell me what is wrong with you, I wouldn’t know how to be of help to you. Please speak to me, I am here for you.”She sniffs weakly and looks at him with her reddened eyes and shakes her head, in a choky voice she speaks,‘Edward, I am dying.”He looks in the way of the doctor and he nods his head. Hi
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Chapter 9 Best Brother In the whole wide world.
Several days pass by just like that and she only eats, sleeps, and eats. The routine goes on like this and she lives as if she has no purpose in her life. When she feels like it, she takes a walk in the garden or she finds Enoch and they crack jokes and laugh out. Whenever her brother brings up the issue of Edward, she brings up another topic. Two weeks and she wakes up one day and finally picks up her phone she sees several messages from her friend Veronica not to talk about the several voice messages. She smiles weakly and says to herself,“Vero, I even forgot about you, what have I been doing all these days? Have I gone completely mad out of a broken heart? It’s time I take up my rod and do something.She gets up from the bed and walks into the bathroom, after several minutes, she comes out dressed in a pink straight dress and brown heels and, a brown Gucci bag. Her hair is let down to her back down to her buttocks and she puts on pink shades. She looks at herself in the mirror and
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Chapter 10 Robbed Billions Of Dollars
A few hours later and she is tied up on a chair, her eyes are blocked with a white handkerchief and her hands are tied with another handkerchief. She is sitting down quietly until she hears the sound of heels coming her way, when she feels that the kidnapper is closer to her, she moves her leg just in time that the person falls instantly and a cry leaves her lips. Veronica laughs out and shouts,“Believe me, you have the wrong person. I promise you that if you don’t release me, I will die here with you. Did you kidnap my friend after abusing her right and you are here for me because I know her? You better watch out then because I have several people around who know me and her and you will never get away with your crimes.”She realizes that it is silent and so she keeps quiet, then she hears someone sobbing by her side. She feels confused about the atmosphere and she questions this time calmly,“Who are you? Are you also kidnapped like I am? Don’t cry, we will get out of here, one way
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