79- Finally husband 3: He is my son so what?

When they arrived at their destination, Mateo was quite excited. He really did have the qualities of both his parents. He could be overly meek like Max and also really mischievous like Trevor. Today he had a mission and he took it very seriously, which made Trevor laugh because his son was so focused and too cute to handle.

For Mateo, the mission was indeed to save his father from this woman who was clinging to him as if she owned him! He was the only one who should be the owner! Oh, he had forgotten his daddy. His father was supposed to belong only to him and his daddy! That's what was on his little head!

Before he went in, Trevor made sure the live feed was over and no more filming was going on. In fact, filming was something unexpected, even for the people there. It was a little reportage on the business world. But with only big shots in attendance, it didn't last long, because no one wanted to be filmed.

After listening to his father's instructions, Mateo opened the large door a

Next chapter, Trevor is in the place!!

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Anthony Marvellous
thanks for updating, I really don't understand what was going on, maybe when I read the next chapter I will understand better .
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and did she drug Max coz how can he think she's Trey she's a bloody woman

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