80- Finally husband 4: City Hall here we go!

Max paid no further attention to Shirley, whose smile was now stiff and full of embarrassment. She clenched her fists but did not put much distance between herself and Max. People in the room started whispering after seeing how shameless she was. They could not understand why she would stay so close to Max after he had clearly rejected her and made his point.

Mateo, on the other hand, was still very much on guard. He did not know why, but just the presence of this woman made him uncomfortable! Max sensed this and calmed him down by slowly stroking his back.

"How did you get here anyway?" Max just remembered that it was unusual for Mateo to be here, Trevor would not let his precious son wander around alone!

"Oh, I came with daddy!" Mateo explained a little louder to get people's attention. Now that the son had appeared out of nowhere, people were naturally curious as to who was the lucky one who could have a child with Max Klayne. They knew Max's past as someone who had had many part
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Prigess Michel
......... will end soon though
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oh my gosh this story really has me on edge...

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