Chapter 38

Cass POV

I was like hit by a flash of lightning upon hearing him ask the question that I am not ready to answer yet. I don't want to embarrass him in front of many people. My mind was struggling to form an answer for that. When I saw him walk in my direction, every step he made makes my heart beat rapidly. When he told me that he is not like the other rich people who are difficult to be with. I saw his eyes pleading while convincing me of those words. Honestly, I had left with no choice but to answer him the answer that he wants to hear. The happenings tonight make me unsettled. I was thinking about what would be my next life after this night. I can say that his mother was happy to hear us become together. But there's part of my mind ask like, are they really genuine with the attitude they're showing me this time? When his mother said what they want me to call them, I was shocked that I uttered an answer that I thought I only said in my mind only to realize that I say it out

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