My stepbrother

My stepbrother

By:  Thorns  Ongoing
Language: English
269 ratings
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Maija's mother has married the perfect man, now she has the family she has always wanted, except for one problem. She has the hots for her new stepbrother.

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Awesome story
2024-01-25 06:50:50
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Catrina Spertino
When was the last update?
2023-10-12 13:50:25
user avatar
Brenda De La Mater
Very good book.
2023-08-01 03:43:57
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Martha Kgaje
Please update
2022-08-26 16:11:32
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Angela Mathis
I understand things happen within our lives but when the readers are left hanging it makes us lose further interest in the author. You are a very good author and I'll hate for your ratings to go down but will you please update your books or let the readers know what's going on?!!
2022-08-21 08:20:28
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Lashante Bell
Will there be any updates soon??
2022-07-21 06:47:11
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Bb Ab
nicely written but haven't been updated since long.... please update soon
2022-05-27 01:57:12
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Devin Leggans
This story is so well written, that I actually get turned on while I'm reading each chapter. Keep it up, this is a great story!
2022-03-11 00:32:04
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Simmons Theophilus
Absolutely amazing. l love this book soo much............
2022-01-18 09:21:19
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I'm so happy. I love everything about this book.
2022-01-02 02:26:34
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Simmons Theophilus
nice story. really love it alot.
2021-11-16 18:27:00
default avatar
When will it be updated?
2021-11-02 20:40:48
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nathan blas
Nice novel 100 percent good
2021-10-23 10:48:17
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Rc Andoco Davao
maganda sya sana matapos ako dito Wala kasi pa akong coin hindi ko pa mabasa
2021-10-22 09:46:40
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Prisca Lambert
l love the book, it's good and interesting
2021-10-10 21:18:15
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60 Chapters
Chapter 1
                    Maija  "Mom, where should I put these boxes?" I ask as I walk into the huge entrance of our new home. I have still not come to terms with living in a house big enough to be a small hotel.      "Just leave them in here, for now, honey."      I drop the boxes, returning outside for more, when I see a black Jaguar pull up in the driveway behind the moving truck. I have no interest in the car or the person driving it, figuring they must be a friend of my stepfather’s, so instead of gawking, I grab some boxes for my room and make my way into the house.     "Everything ok?"     I spin at the sound of his voice, Charles, my new stepfather. My mother married him within twenty-four hours of their meeting in Vegas. They called it a whirlwind romance. That was three months ago, so we're still
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Chapter 2
Zayne I drive up to the house, and there's a moving truck parked in the driveway. Mommy dearest moves in today, I assume. I scoff; I cannot believe Dad married some random woman in Vegas. I park my car, hop out and stroll up to the door. “Maija, is the truck empty?” A woman asks as she unpacks a box in the living room. She looks up, and I’m face to face with a beautiful African American woman. Not my father's usual type, he usually dates twenty-year-old models who try to get in my bed once he’s out of town. She looks at me with confusion before it turns into a smile. “Zayne?” I nod in response. “I’m Carolyn.” I grunt, unwilling to speak to this woman I know nothing about, but that does not deter her. She reaches in and hugs me before I can protest. “Your father brags about you all the time.” “Funny, he never mentions you,” I mumble under my breath, but loud enough for her to hear. She ignores my little remark and continues hugg
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Chapter 3
                                     Maija By the time we finish sorting all the boxes, it is almost dinner time; we all agree on ordering pizza since no one feels like cooking.  The food arrives, and we all sit at the dinner table having our first meal as a family. The atmosphere is nice and relaxing as Charles retells how he and my mother met at his hotel. I have heard the story about five times, so I’m not keen on another reiteration. I look at the slice of pizza when he gets to the part about mom threatening him and chuckle as I poke away at it. For some reason, I am not hungry for food. However, I am hungry for someone. Slightly lifting my head, my eyes meet Zayne, which instantly causes a flood between my thighs. It really should be a crime to be that hot. I bite my lip, squeezing my thighs together, hoping to quell the heat that is building in my core. “Are you
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Chapter 4
                        Zayne I sneak a glance every chance I can to observe her, she looks at me twice, but her face still registers her earlier indifference. She’s an interesting one, I must admit. I chuckle, recalling her comment about the marriage not lasting. Although I feel the same way, she says it out loud, which means she has some balls. “We’re about to turn in. What are you kids getting up to tonight?” My father asks as we finish the last slices of pizza. “I think I’ll finish the book I started a couple of days ago,” she replies. Who reads on a Friday night? “Nerd,” I shout, hoping she would turn that beautiful face my way again and speak to me, but she doesn’t respond or glance at me. “Zayne’s right, Maija. I love that you love reading just like your father used to, but it’s your last summer before college. You should have some fun.” “Reading is fun, mom.”
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Chapter 5
 Mom grounded me for a week because of my little outburst at the dinner table, which made me incredibly happy because I didn't have to spend the entire week avoiding my hot stepbrother. I did pass the time harnessing my overwhelming lust for him on Benny, my vibrator. I spent the last several nights having climax after climax imagining myself riding Zayne's dick. I’m hoping the next time I see him; he won't have any effect on me.  "Maija." I lift my eyes when the object of my lust enters my room shirtless in gray jogging pants. I bite my lip while my eyes wander over his chiseled abs that are so well-defined that I have a strong desire to climb them. Clenching my thighs together, my eyes slip down to his bulge, his huge bulge. I lick my lips as the lust I unleashed upon poor Benny returns with a vengeance from a single look. Damn, I have it bad. We stare at each other for a moment before I force my mouth open.  "Hi, Zayne," I finally mana
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Chapter 6
                             Zayne     I walk out of Maija’s room, more annoyed than I would like to admit. I cannot believe she thinks I want to date her. Don’t you? A little voice in my head replies, but instead of giving it any validity, I push it to the back of my mind. Of course, I won’t date her, sex sure, but I don’t date. I don’t fall in love. She should be so lucky; any girl would be drooling over me right now. I clench my fist. She has the nerve to reject me, even after wearing my gray sweatpants? These have never failed me, not that I had to use them often. I storm into my room, then stand before the mirror.     “I look good.” I nod. I know I look good, so why is she so unaffected by me when I want her so damn bad? Am I not her type? I dismiss that thought immediately. I am everybody’s type. The image of her lying in bed in her red shorts and tube top surfac
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Chapter 7
Maija     We arrive at the restaurant thirty minutes later. It's a steakhouse, and the simple sight of the building makes me drool. There is absolutely nothing I enjoy eating more than a thick piece of grilled ribeye.     “Did I do well?” I look at Zayne, who is smiling from cheek to cheek, unbelievably satisfied with himself. Mom must have told him of my obsession with steak, that meddling woman. I wonder if she would be as helpful if she found out he was trying to sleep with me. I chuckle as he looks at me eagerly, waiting for a reply. I mumble something incoherent, refusing to give him the satisfaction.     “Let’s get this day over with.” I frown, pretending to be unhappy, but I am giddy right now to be on this date with the promise of a fat, juicy steak. I know he claimed earlier it was not a date, but from the looks he’s giving me, he was definitely lying.     “Can
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Chapter 8
                      Zayne     Thanks to Sienna, the rest of the night is a total bust, thanks to Sienna, I do not know where she got the idea that she was anything more than a booty call, but I need to set her straight soon. I should have done it back at the restaurant, but I did not want to embarrass her. Ok, I’m lying. I wanted Maija to get jealous, but expecting emotions from that robot was asking too much. Although she seemed more human-like tonight, she even flirted with me a few times. She also seemed annoyed when I told Sienna she was just my stepsister because since then, she has called me big brother around ten times– and yes, I counted because it is annoying. I could not get a word in. It was big brother this and big brother that, even when I tried to cop a feel, she shamed me by calling me, big brother. And now, on our way back home, she has put those damn earphones in again. Damn, she is so frustr
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Chapter 9
               Zayne    A week later, I am sitting in the kitchen with Carolyn as she bakes my favorite, well, Maija’s favorite cookies, which in the last week have become my favorite as well. I have been eating them like crazy the last week because of the cookie that I want. I still have not been able to eat. Maija has been staying in her room a lot, and I feel she is doing it to avoid me. I have been to Sienna’s house three times in the last seven days, trying to satiate this desire, but just a glimpse of her ass, and I am right back to horny.     “I’m glad you like these cookies. You and Maija have that in common.” Carolyn smiles at me, pulling my thoughts from between her daughter’s thighs to nod my head. We have spent a lot of time together since my dad is mostly away on business, and Maija is always in her room with her head in a book. I like her. She has a warm nature that is very comfo
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Chapter 10
Maija I climb the staircase annoyed with Mom and Zayne. I am eighteen years old, why should they decide what I can or cannot wear? I exhale sharply as I enter my room. What do I wear now? I really like this dress, and my date will arrive soon.“The best way to get over one man is to get under another.” I smile as I walk to my closet and pull the first dress I see. I quickly change into my new dress. It is a strapless dress but knee-length, so mom and that one should not have an issue. One more look in the mirror, smoothing my dress, and I am ready for my date. My date is a hot guy I met on Tinder, Danuel. I am so excited to be going on a date with someone who is not my stepbrother. I clench my thighs as the memory of him licking my palm comes back to mind. The last week has been torture. I can barely focus on getting any reading done because all I can think about is him. I have been using Benny tirelessly, but it does not satisfy my lust. I want him deep inside me, poundi
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