Chapter 3522

Quinton turned to stare at Chad, "What kind of nonsense are you talking about? The situation further in is even more complicated. I heard that the fighting there is already at a stage where there's no winning. No one is willing to give in, and more people are dying."

Chad raised an eyebrow, clearly not agreeing with what Quinton said. If it was before, Chad would have not dwelled on the problem. Yet, ever since he got to know Fane, he felt like a lot of things had been cleared up. Was Fane weak? Even compared to those self-proclaimed heroes, he was no slouch.

Yet, Fane never looked down on him. Fane would not ignore any cries for help and let the warriors from third-grade worlds be oppressed. Comparing the two sides, Chad could no longer hold it in.

"The situation there is even more complicated, but it's not like they can't help us at all. They clearly just aren't willing to. The moment they have to give anything up, they just don't care about us.

"Even though we can't say that wha
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