27. Who is the real killer?

Tukijo woke up wide-eyed. He was still in a sitting position with his head resting on the table. Then he stood up and looked out the window. There he meets someone talking to Tiyem, suddenly Cecep comes.


Cecep swung his hand and hit the boy. "Shut up, idiot!" he shouted.

Tukijo looked at the boy sharply. "Isn't he a student of class Social Sciences 1?" he muttered.

Markonah who had just returned to class after buying student worksheets at the cooperative, she saw Tukijo put on a serious face. The boy was seen staring at something out the glass window. In fact, since morning the child continues to look gloomy without the slightest smile. The girl wanted to ask what happened to him.

"Tukijo," whispered Markonah closer to Tukijo's ear.

Tukijo felt, there was a wind into his ears. He turned his head and found Markonah beside him.

"Did you call me, Markonah?" asked Tukijo.

"No, I'm calling a fly," she snapped.

"Eh...." Tukijo looked around for something. "Not a single fly," he said
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