The Party

I reach out for the water, and just when my fingertips graze the water surface, I hear an earth-shattering howl. And even before I turn to see where it is coming from, I somehow know that it’s Luci, the large wolf-like dog I met the other day.

I know that howl. 

“Omerta, Omerta. Wake up, girl. You are so dead tired, you slept on the ground.”

I am barely able to focus on what Giovanni is saying.

“I have been looking for you everywhere, you had me worried. Come on sleepyhead get up, it’s already time for dinner soon. Wake up.”

I open my eyes reluctantly, trying to adjust to the twilight sun. As I focus my vision, I am a little confused, I was just at Lake Pergusa a few seconds ago, wasn’t I? But here I am still lying on the ground near the forest, on Agosti's estate.

Was all that a dream? But it felt so real, it was definitely, real?

“Come on get up, Avo has called us for dinner?” Giovanni said while offeri


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I am so glad. I have started updating again, hope you will follow the rest of the chapters
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Vikki Lee
loving this book!!!

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