Punished by His Love

Punished by His Love

By:  Suzie  Completed
Language: English
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She was a destitute woman whose life was dependent on others. She was forced to be a scapegoat and traded herself, which resulted in her pregnancy. He considered that she was the ultimate embodiment of evil as she was greed and deceitful. She tried all her efforts to win his heart but failed. Her departure made him so furious that he searched through the ends of the world and managed to recapture her. The whole city knew that she would be shredded into a million pieces. She asked him in desperation, “I left our marriage with nothing, so why won’t you let me go?”In a domineering tone, he answered, “You’ve stolen my heart and given birth to my child, and you wish to escape from me?”

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"Punished by his love", a romance novel written by Suzie, rating 9 out of 10, has more than 2.9 million views. It tells a story of a girl who breaks into a man’s world through an occasional event. She was framed to sleep with him and was pregnant after that. While he just thinks that she is a greedy fraud and is cruel to her. It’s when she chooses to leave that he is aware of the love in the bottom of his heart. He is so angry about her departure that he searches around the world crazily. You can also listen to the Punished by his love Audiobook on GoodFM.

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Chapter 1
Sabrina Scott walked out of prison before dusk fell.She had been temporarily bailed out of jail for one day.Holding a slip of paper with an address on it in her hand, she took a bus at the gate of the prison. She arrived at an old mansion halfway up the mountain when it was almost nightfall. The doorman then led Sabrina into a bedroom.The bedroom was pitch black, and she smelled thick, pungent blood as soon as she entered.Before she had adapted herself to the darkness in the room, a pair of strong arms grabbed her and she fell into a man’s embrace. A hot breath blew by her ear. “So, you are what they sent for me to enjoy before my death, the… call girl?” ‘Call... girl?’ Sabrina’s tears came rolling down her eyes. She suddenly felt frightened, and her voice trembled. “Are you… dying soon?” “Yes! Do you regret doing my business?” The man sneered faintly. “I don’t regret it,” Sabrina said miserably. She had no room for regret because her mother was waiting to be sa
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Chapter 2
Sebastian did not look at Sabrina. “You heard me.”Sabrina fiddled with the edges of her filthy clothes and said in a soft voice, “Sir, this joke is not funny at all.”Sebastian sneered and said sharply, “Wasn’t it your plan to be married to me all along?”Sebastian’s gaze cut through Sabrina’s thin sunken face like a sharp razor and stared into her eyes. Sabrina shuddered and turned her head away, but Sebastian squeezed her chin and forced her to look at him. Sabrina then realized that the features under the shades had a cool and beautiful outline. God definitely favored him because he looked so handsome. Moreover, that black stubble on his jawline exuded incomparable rugged masculinity. His suit was well-tailored and looked luxurious. Sabrina could tell this man was a very distinguished person.In contrast, she was wearing worn out clothes covered in mold, with disheveled hair and dirty face. Moreover, her body was smelly because she had not showered for days. The two of
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Chapter 3
“What?” A frown instantly formed on Sebastian’s face, and he immediately rushed in the bathroom. There was nobody in the bathroom, but on the wall, a line of words written in blood was left. ‘Mr. Ford, despite our substantial differences in terms of social status, I wouldn’t want to marry you, farewell!’The handwriting was neat and sharp, which revealed the writer’s unyielding trait. Sebastian was stunned by it.Could his investigation result on her be wrong?A few seconds later, he gave an order. “Search the back of the mountain!”He could not let his mother have any regrets before she died.At the back of the mountain, holding onto thorns and vines to go down, Sabrina managed to escape the search from the Ford family by hiding under a dense vine, despite having her clothes torn.She stayed there till nightfall and went around the mountain by climbing over.Early morning on the following day, she went to the Lynn Residence again. Lincoln Lynn and Jade Sullivan were shocked
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Chapter 4
Sebastian had been looking for Sabrina for a month. When he thought that Sabrina might not as bad as his investigation, she appeared as the waitress in the room specially dedicated to him. He really had underestimated her. “Director Ford…this, what’s the matter?” The restaurant manager who was accompanying Sebastian trembled as he looked at Sebastian. “How long has she been here?” Sebastian looked coldly at the manager. “A…A month,” stuttered the manager. A month! It was exactly the time after she escaped the Ford family. She was not trying to escape─ she only wanted to increase her price. D*mn! Sabrina looked at Sebastian with resentment and felt wronged. How could the world be so small? “I don’t understand what you’re saying, let me go! If not, I would call the police.” She tried her best to free herself from Sebastian’s restraint, but she could not move at all. Sabrina was in so much pain that a thin layer of sweat started to form on her forehead. The ma
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Chapter 5
The man that stood behind Sabrina was none other than Sebastian.The man looked at Sabrina with a faint smile. His mellow and warm voice was sensual and enchanting. “Mom needs to rest to recover. Is there anything that you couldn’t come to me for a solution? Why must you bother mom?” Sabrina was dumbfounded and speechless.The man put his arms around her and escorted her out before she could say no.“Son, have a proper discussion about your marriage with Sabrina. You must treat Sabrina well,” Grace shouted behind them.“Don’t worry, Mom.” the man replied while closing the door to the ward. Sabrina was dragged by Sebastian and walked a long way.When they arrived at the end of the corridor, his warm expression on his face had changed to one of icy coldness. The man aggressively choked Sabrina’s neck and pinned her down to the wall. His gaze was as sharp as a cold sword. “Female prisoner! You have continuously tested my patience, and you dared to appear before my mother now─yo
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Chapter 6
When they came out of city hall, Sabrina said goodbye to Sebastian. “Mr. Ford, the doctors do not allow visitation in the afternoon, so I would not go back with you. I will visit Aunt Grace tomorrow morning.”She was a person who knew boundaries of propriety. When she was not in front of Aunt Grace, she would take the initiative to distance herself from Sebastian. “Up to you,” Sebastian said coldly.Sabrina left the place alone.In the car, Kingston asked, “Young Master Sebastian, aren’t you afraid that she would escape?”Sebastian sneered contemptuously. “Escape? If she truly wanted to escape, why would she work as a waitress at the restaurant I visit often? Why would she also come to my mother for a loan? She only made the first two escapes to raise her price.”Kingston said, “Who would say otherwise...”“Drive,” said Sebastian.The car drove past Sabrina, but Sebastian did not even take a look at her.Sabrina dragged her tired body back to her place.She was stopped by
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Chapter 7
Selene could tell that Sebastian disliked her immensely.She felt as if ten thousand needles were piercing her heart, making her feel pain, embarrassed, and annoyed. However, she was afraid of Sebastian.She was about to say a few more things with her fake cute voice, but the phone call ended abruptly. Selene’s heart sank. “What’s wrong, Selene?” Jade quickly asked.“Mom…Master Sebastian…He didn’t agree to come and discuss our marriage─ he…wouldn’t find out about it, right?”Selene started to cry in fear. “He wouldn’t find out that I am impersonating Sabrina, right? Mom, what should we do? Sebastian has the blood of countless people on his hands, I’m scared…”Both Jade and Lincoln were scared out of their wits too.The whole family spent the entire afternoon in fear until a maid came to report and said, “Sir, Madam, Sabrina is here. She said she is here to collect her and her mother’s pictures.”“Tell her to get lost!” Selene immediately released her anger on Sabrina.At
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Chapter 8
Sebastian was also stunned as he looked at the woman in front of him.Sabrina’s body was not covered, and her skin flushed a little red after the bath. Her short wet hair was messily scattered, and her palm-sized face was covered with water droplets and steam. Standing shivering before Sabastian in this way made her look helpless.Sebastian was not wearing much as well.He had a tall and strong figure with well-defined muscles, bronzed skin, broad shoulders, and narrow hips. His solid and steel-like right arm had two frightening scars, but it fully highlighted his masculine dominance and overbearing force.When Sabrina saw his scars, her whole heart contracted as she was frightened. However, she was also embarrassed as he completely saw her whole body.She covered her front in panic, but no matter how she tried to cover it, some parts could still be seen. She stretched her trembling arm to reach for the bathrobe as she wanted to put it on, but her hand was shaking like crazy.
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Chapter 9
Sabrina’s heart sank for a moment.Of course, an honorable single man with such good backgrounds like Sebastian would not be lacking in girlfriends. The reason why Sebastian was married to her was only to let his dying mother leave this world with no regrets.However, Sabrina never would have expected that Sebastian’s girlfriend would be Selene.To Sabrina, life was full of irony.The people who once oppressed her were becoming happier and more honorable. On the other hand, Sabrina had her future ruined, was pregnant but unmarried, and did not even know the name of her child’s father.Sabrina felt like she was a clown as she looked at the couple that seemed to be a match made in heaven.It seemed that Selene asking Sabrina to come and collect her mother’s pictures was an excuse. Selene’s true intention was to show off her boyfriend in front of Sabrina deliberately.After concealing the sadness deep within her heart, Sabrina calmly said, “How would a tainted woman like me find a
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Chapter 10
Sabrina froze in place.She heard Selene’s insult. She wanted to scratch and disfigure Selene’s face. However, she could not act impulsively.If she were to make her move, the fight would inevitably be violent. She was afraid she might hurt the baby in her belly. She laughed and asked, “Are you interested in this kind of business?”“Tsk!” Selene sneered smugly. “I was just worried for your health, don’t get infected with all sorts of filthy diseases! You would taint my house and create a foul atmosphere.”“Then why did you invite me to your house, and insist that I stay for dinner? I thought you’re interested in that particular kind of business,” Sabrina spoke calmly, but it was enough to make the whole Lynn family blood boil. Nobody noticed that at this moment, Sebastian was staring deeply at Sabrina with a pair of sharp eyes that radiated a cold light.After a moment, he picked up his keys, stood up, and left. “Darling Sebastian, were you angry…” Selene chased after him.
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