Chapter twelve

The week has been a hectic one filled with errands, meetings and functions. The most absurd thing is that the day I am almost free, I have to spend it seated with a bunch of sixty year olds which are my dad and George, Henley and Brad and not forgetting my nemesis which is my brother.

"I was talking with Genevieve and her husband last week. I got to meet their daughter. She is a beautiful and a good girl. I want Crescent to meet her." Dad says. I scowl. When did my father start playing matchmaker? I bet it is mom putting those thoughts in his head. Henley glances at me. Aaron smirks.

"That's great to hear." George mutters.

"I am sure they will make a good couple." Aaron adds with a grin. I doubt her would think so. What would he know about a good couple when he couldn't save his marriage?

"What about Gretchen? What happened to her?" Henley asks. The nerve of her to act like she cares. I glare. Gretchen is the daughter of an investor who hosted a party we attended during the week. Our

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