Chapter 18


“ I want to go outside. ” I let out and his eyes narrow down, observing me, wanting to know my reason behind this demand.

“ What are you planning? ” He asks, just like I expected.

“ I have lived in a cage my whole life, Agent Vitali. I want to see the outside world. ” I gulp and reply, my eyes still staring in his.

It’s not completely a lie, but it’s not the whole truth either.

His grip on my waist and then hair loosens up. In his eyes, I see a unique emotion which can easily pass as pity.

My gut twists, but I don’t back down. I can’t let his pity get to me when I am so close to getting what I want from him.

“ You just want to run away, Valentina. But, you can’t. ” He takes a step back from me and his hands leave me at once.

I loose the breath I held back for a while.


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