Chapter 20


Standing on the rooftop of one of the highest buildings in the X city, I wait for Leo while I stare at the city before me. Everything seems so bright and dazzling from up here. The whole city is drowning in light and it feels like darkness has no home down there.

But, I know what resides down there. It’s anything, but light and something like the evil darkness.

Blood, Gore and Coldness exists in every corner of this city. It’s because this is the Thorn Clan territory. The rule and order of this city has long been in the hands of the Mafia Clan everyone fears. I have seen it from close, before I was kicked far away from the life of luxury and pleasure.

I inhale the cold air and push my hands into my pockets.

I aim to bring the light back.

With the thought of light, Valentina’s face revolves in my mind. She looked so hurt when she realised that I was onl

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