Chapter 134




And three.

The bathroom’s door bursts open on the count of three and Violet stomps out.

Contrary to my over expectations, she has actually taken a bath before she has come stomping out. I don’t have to turn around and look at her to know this. She smells like her usual self and me.

Her eyes try to drill holes in my head. I know why she is angry. My mark over my neck tells me all I want to know.

Serves her right, I must say. She tricked me into getting marked and I have done the same, now we are childishly equal.

“ You marked me. ” She states the obvious.

“ I did. ” I nod my head and pick up the black dress shirt I had thrown over the bed earlier.

“ How can you do this to me? ” She complains.

I smirk, buttoning up my shirt. Turning around, I glance her way.

Her small body looks cute wrapped in a towel and her red face only adds to the effect. But the love bites on her neck and my mark on her only turns me on, which is not helping my situation.

I button up my last button
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goodnovel comment avatar
Great story! My only question is why not make Violet Queen because she is the rightful heir as daughter of the original royal line? Love, love, love the book though!!!! Thank you for writing it!!
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Sabria Rockeymore
Love love loveeeeee this dang book

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