The little mermaid 19

Ariel's POV

For two days after that, I waited for the man to show himself. It was almost like he purposely ignored me. When I realized that he wouldn't show himself unless something drastic happened, I waited for the guard that brought my food -food I refused to eat since I've been held in here- to appear. The moment he rounded the corner that led to my cell, I yanked off the pendant from my neck.

I went instantly invisible. When the guard reached the cell and saw no one, the tray containing the food fell off his hands, and he let out a scream. Two more guards rushed in, probably thinking I managed to subdued their colleague. When they saw what he saw, they all trembled out of shock.

"Report the incident to prince Eric right now!" One of the guards yelled to the other one that came in with him. That one nodded and rushed off to deliver the message. The guard turned to the one that brought me the food, looking at him in a suspicious way. "Did you let her off?" He asked.

"What the he
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