Stutter Boy

Stutter Boy

By:  Nigel  Completed
Language: English
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Michael Nate Clark has always been identified as the stutter boy. His previous three years of high school was a disaster where he was constantly bullied and made fun of for his stutter.Now Nate is about to have a fresh start as he got admission into a highly reputed boarding school in Texas with scholarship. He has some hope that people in this new school would leave him alone and he can finally have a prosperous school life. But he is proved wrong as he happens to stare at Ethan Vance, a guy from his Calculus class, who looks alike his late brother Alex. Ethan turns out to be a bully and starts bullying Nate along with the rest of the jocks. But does Ethan really like to bully Nate or is he doing it to keep his place in the popular crowd ? What happens when Ethan and Nate has to share a dorm room. When will the bullying stop ? Will it ever? Or will Nate learn some shocking truths regarding his birth?Follow Ethan and Nate as they explore feelings they never thought they would get to experience and maybe even more than that.

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128 Chapters
1. Westview high
CHAPTER 1   Nate's POV   “M..Michael Clark,”   I say to the tired-looking secretary sitting in front of the computer as I finally reach inside the hostel office after standing in the enormous queue for almost an hour.   The secretary looks up at me and then hurriedly types something on her computer. “Michael Nate Clark?” she asks after a second and I nod. “New admission?” I again nod.   “Dorm B, 69,” she then calls out to the other lady who is standing by the cupboards, fiddling inside boxes of keys. Soon enough the lady expertly tosses a key to the secretary’s desk.   “Michael, you'll be staying in Dorm B, room no 69,” she says in a hurry.   “oh..o..okay,” I nod seeing her hurry and quickly take the key from her hands, hastily walking out of the queue.   I take my suitcase and bags from where I had placed them outsid
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2. Late on first day
Ethan's POV   " C'mon..Ethan ! Wake up. It's already 6:30.", My Mom yells in my ear whilst shaking me hard.   " Ahhhh...! Go away Mom.", I groan yanking away her hands and digging my head, deep into the pillow, closing my both ears with my palm in order to block her loud, high pitched voice. Why the hell is she yelling in my ear ? Stupid Mom.   "Ethan ! It's 6:30 already. Even if you start from here right now, you would only reach there at 9. And taxi's already waiting at the gates since five minutes. "   " What !? 6: 30 ?", I instantly jump up from the bed, suddenly becoming aware of why she is yelling. There's almost two and a half hour journey to my school and I need to reach there before 9, then get my new room key and place my luggage in my room before going to class.   " Yeah, 6:30.", My mom points at the alarm clock.   " Oh heck ! Didn't I tell you to
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3. Tiny girl with glasses
  I have Geography for first hour and I manage to reach the class within five minutes. As expected Mr. Henry is in the class. He sighs on seeing me at the doors but doesn't say anything and motions me to get in. Good, he decided not to lecture about discipline on the first day itself.   One hour goes by quickly. Mr. Henry just gives an intro about the syllabus and introduces himself to the new students. There were a few new students in our class. Every year our school conducts scholarship exams in various schools across the country and gives admission to the students who come on top ranks.   During the break, I walk towards the cafeteria to meet with Kevin, Tony, Sophia, and Amelia. The five of us comprise one of the popular gangs in school. Both Tony and Kevin are w
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4. A..Alex !
Nate’s POV   A few girls give me flirtatious looks as I walk out of my first class which was apparently Biology.   During the whole last hour, I sat mute on a seat in the last row and dedicated my whole attention to the biology teacher, Miss Taylor. Good that she didn’t make us introduce ourselves and just directly went into introducing the syllabus. Or I would have humiliated myself in front of everyone.   Since I didn’t try to mingle with anyone or speak anything, nobody figured out my stammering problem yet. And I don’t want anyone to find out. I don’t care if they think I am mute but I don’t want the title ‘Stutter boy'.   I ignore the stares from people standing on both sides of the corridor and briskly walk in search of my next class which is Analytical Geometry and Calculus.   I don’t try to seek help from anyone to find my class. And therefore it takes me a whole fifteen
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5. You disgusting gay !
He suddenly places his both hands on the locker door and I unintentionally shiver. He moves a step forward, caging me inside his veiny arms with my back pressed tightly against the locker. He is standing at an inch's distance from me.   He stares at me with those beautiful brown orbs. But those familiar dark brown eyes that I loved so much are cold and hard. “Why were you staring at me?” he asks in a husky voice.   I feel like his voice also sounds similar to Alex's. I feel dazed all of a sudden. I open my mouth to say something but no sounds are coming out of my mouth.   I shiver and flinch as he takes one hand from the locker door only to hit it hard against the metal door, making a loud ‘cling’. “Why were you staring at me?” he growls again near my ear, sending shivers down my body.   “I-I...I am s..sorry,” I somehow manage to stammer.   The girl beside him suddenly laughs out
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6. Roommate
Ethan's POV   The blue-eyed boy's face continuously flickered in my mind as I made my way towards the Hostel office to get my luggage and key, evening after class. His teary eyes and nervous looks made me feel vexed. I slapped the poor boy in the face just for staring at me.   I can't get that expression of his out of my mind. His vulnerable state, the way he bit his bottom lip and squeezed his eyes shut. The way he stammered in lose of words. Everything is making me totally reprehensible. This is the first time I am feeling this much guilty for bullying someone.   I have bullied many people. Mostly girls. Every time I feel guilty. But that's nothing compared to the guilt I feel today. I was thinking about him the whole afternoon. It's rare I think about a person I bullied for that long.   There's of course something special about the boy, Nate. I feel like I have some kind of connection with him. Be
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7. You do what I say
  I turned and walked to one of the beds, ruffling my hair in frustration and sat down thinking what to do. He sat there itself, looking at me with wide terrified eyes. Okay, why the hell is he looking at me like that? I admit I slapped him but does he need to look this terrified?   I stared back at him intently, thinking what to do with him. He quickly looked away. Maybe on remembering his promise to not look at me again.   I sat up from the bed and stormed out of the room deciding something in my mind. I went straight to the hostel office. Miss Rose was now writing something carefully.   “Miss Rose,” I called.   “Oh Ethan,” she looked up. “Why are you here again?”   “I need to change my room. Please put me in some other room,”   “What happened?” She asked annoyed and confused.   “I can't stay with that boy. He also doesn't
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8. Oh poor boy !
“Oh Woah! Ethan!” Amelia squealed looking at my half-naked body. “Damn! You look freaking hot,” she said seductively, her eyes on my tanned chest and abs, as she walked towards me. Sophia chuckled while Tony and Kevin smirked looking at me.   My eyes then met Nate's red teary ones. He was breathing heavily, leaning against the wall. He was looking at me as if asking me silently to save him. I felt my heart throb in pain seeing him like that. By then Amelia reached me and touched on my wet biceps. I yanked her hands away and she furrowed her eyebrows.   “It's not time for that, Amelia,” Kevin chirped.   “What are you guys doing here?
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9. Is he really afraid of dark ?
I waited a few minutes to see if Nate comes out of the bathroom. But there was no sign he was going to come out anytime soon. My clothes were inside the bathroom. So I walked to the door and knocked on it.   “Nate, come out. They all left. You can pack your things and leave now,” I said. I didn't get any reply. But then I heard a faint sob and my heart twitched inside my chest. He is badly hurt. Maybe I should let him cry now.   I walked back to my suitcase and took another pair of shirt and shorts, quickly getting dressed in them. After that, I started unpacking my stuff.   It was almost 8 Pm when I finished arranging everything and made my bed. Nate has still not come out of the bathroom. I guess he should come out by now. That's enough time now. Maybe he isn't coming out because he is afraid I would do something to him. Or what if he did some not so funny business inside there? If something happens to him, I would be
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10. He isn't that bad
  Nate's POV   I blink my eyelids thrice before slowly opening them to the morning sun rays peeking in through the creamy white curtains in the room, tickling my eyes. As I try to move a little, a heavy weight locks me back into place. Soon arms curl tightly around me with a small groan.   I smile and close my eyes once again, enjoying the warmth of Alex's body against my back and his arms curled tightly around my waist, his hip and legs curved in the same angle as mine, pressing them against mine. Alex always holds me like this, providing me all the warmth I need.   Without opening my eyes, I squirm and try to turn around. Alex loosens his hands a little, letting me turn around and place my head in the crook of his neck. Once I stop squirming after finding a comfortable position for my head in between Alex's neck and shoulder, he again tightens his hug.   Being warm, inhaling Alex's fam
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