Vanna’s POV

"I have to commend you for making an effort to summon an angel."

We stopped what we were doing when we heard that voice. We looked around the house but we did not see any shadows or angels. We could only see the smoke coming from what we were burning.

It has been a few days since the angels fell from the skies or to correctly say it they descended from their home. Nothing has happened yet because of their fall but Vlad is nowhere to be found.

I know for sure that we will not be able to find Vlad because he’s in another dimension created by angels and we cannot enter that. But we can't just wait for her body or what Cassy will do because she's gone. He seemed to disappear like a bubble and forget about us.

We tried praying, but no one answered for us. So, my mother decided to summon an angel specifically Cassy, ​​but no lock, because right

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