"Aww," I threw the book in frustration.

What the hell is that? I’ve read the book a lot of times and I am still frustrated with the ending. I don't know why I'm still reading that thing even though I know the ending is the same. Well, it’s my favorite book.

Tsk. Nothing. I feel like I'm the protagonist in the story. It seems like we both have a connection so I read it over and over. I also have a lot of questions in my mind like my dreams that I feel have actually happened.

Do you know deja vu? I often experience that. And they said that maybe my dreams happened in my past.

Gosh! I want to see the author of that book so that I can ask for the next chapter. I don't like the hangover and I'm sad at the end of the story because Syne and Vlad didn't find each other.

Or maybe they did and the author is just playing with our minds?

Did they meet?

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