I can feel my heart beating rapidly and unusually fast. I am currently in front of the stairs that will lead to the rooftop. It was still 5:50 pm but I don't know why I was early but I was also nervous to come inside.

Skylar was so unusual these days and his actions make me either somehow hope for something or get mad.

Those past moments make me actually hope for something, that being with him might be possible, but it all got discarded once i heard penny that I was ruining their relationship.

Hearing it made me realize how pathetic I could be, it makes me feel embarrassed and somehow annoyed. I'm embarrassed of how I clung to that possibility, and also annoyed to myself.

But now, seeing that note, it made me hope a little but I'm trying my best not to, he has a girlfriend, I couldn't be more pathetic than I was.

“Stop it, Avis.” I whispered to myself and did a deep sigh.

I looked up at the stairs in front of
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