"So, uhmm," I started. I don't know if it's appropriate to ask because we just kiss then, we let each other fell for the moment together. And, lastly we confirmed each other's feelings. I felt my face heated when I remember our scene back up there, in the rooftop. "Hmm?" He hummed as he looks at me with question in his eyes waiting for me to answer.

"Is this our first day that we're officially in relationship?" I finished. When I asked it, I looked on his side to see his reaction. He is looking in front, away from me when I saw him smiled and bite his inside cheeks. He then, holds tightly my hand and say, "Yeah, you can now mark this date on your calendar as our first day, and we'll celebrate monthsary and anniversary." He answered.

I giggled at his answer. "You knew about that?" I asked.

"About what?" He asked back as we turn to the left of the campus where the parking lot is located.

"About monthsary and anniversary thingy." I an
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