60. Prove yourself

"I know my worth, I've paid dearly for every ounce of it"

~ Alfa

"Oh my!" I let out a breathless whisper as my eyes rake over his sturdy chest, why does he look like a fine ass meal? And why am I so hungry all of a sudden!?

I clench my hands beside me as my fingers itch to trace those fine lines accunturating each peck. This man was a walking god and he knew it.

I hear someone clearing there throat which quickly pulls me out of my incoming lusty thoughts, I gaze at Alessandro and find a cocky smirk etched on his stupidly handsome face.

I missed this man so much! My subconscious sighs dreamily. Me too girl me too. I agree with her.

"Enjoying the view?" Alessandro asks in his deep voice while striding towards me, I melt at his accent but quickly compose myself "yes, the sea makes it

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Imee Caravaca
This is so good!
goodnovel comment avatar
Tricia Applewhite
omg ... my emotions did a summersault....hmmm.... love this story
goodnovel comment avatar
ugh she is so stubborn. can we switch roles? im willing to be valentina ...

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