The Alpha's Children - Book 1: Ume

The Alpha's Children - Book 1: Ume

By:  Kay  Ongoing
Language: English
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The powerful Alpha Gabriel and his Luna Malia have eight children. The Alpha's Children series follows the life, struggles, love and even war between them all. Book 1 follows the eldest, Ume, as she trains to take over the Lunarflare pack from her Father and ascend to the role of Alpha. Ume has trained all her life for this role, but it hasn't been without its struggles. Can Ume ignore what she discovers in the Adders nest and forge on to continue her legacy or will her discovery force her to shape a new destiny for herself?

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38 Chapters
The Next Alpha
Ume Adair, the eldest of the eight Adair children of the Lunarflare pack, was me. I grew up with the best parents, Gabriel and Malia Adair, the Alpha and Luna of my pack. Malia isn’t my birth mother; she is my father’s true mate and has raised me since I was three years old. My birth mother, dad's first wife and chosen mate, was a traitor and exiled from the pack after my younger brother's birth. We heard she was killed by rogues shortly after the fact. I didn’t care then, and I don’t care now. Malia raised me as her daughter and always treated me as if I belonged to her always. Growing up it was my duty to become the next Alpha on the Lunarflare pack if something happened to my father or when he decided to retire. I trained hard; we all did. My father made sure all his children had Alpha training. We all knew how to run this pack just like he did, just in case. Mom always wanted to be prepared because you never knew what was going to happen, especially with werewolves. But I’m the o
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The Crescent Winds
My wolf had been quiet in my head the entire flight, everyone was quiet, and it was strange. I seemed to have more time to think, but then I just ended up wasting that time wondering why no one was talking. I hate the silence, so I was ecstatic when our plan finally landed but what I didn’t prepare for was it being this cold. When I stepped off the plane, I was hit by the bitter northern wind. It was like nothing I'd ever felt before. There was fresh snow on the ground and a lot of it, something I had never seen before. It occasionally snowed back home but it was a light dusting, maybe half an inch, but nothing like this. My wolf, Lasaya, was running laps around my head wanting to get out and go for a run. I glanced back at my father, shivering, he just smirked at me and draped his arm around my shoulder. “I know, Grizz wants to run too.” Grizz was my father’s wolf, a massive beautiful gray wolf, the biggest I’ve ever seen. I smiled at my father warmly, hoping that it would give a li
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My eyes open and I take a breath. I hadn't realized I had been holding it. For a moment, I thought my biggest fear came true, but then I realized the powerful voice that I heard came from my Beta, Kreon, who was standing next to me. My eyes quickly scanned the room, looking into all the faces. It was still so quiet inside as I looked back over at my Beta and followed his gaze to the front of the room. That's when I noticed Jessy staring right back at him. I was a little to myself trying to hide it from everyone else in the room. Jessy was a good match for Kreon, but I feared that I might lose my Beta, or our trip just got a little more crowded. I laughed, thinking to myself, I wouldn't really mind Jessy tagging along, she was a really nice girl.The silence in the room was quickly broken by hearty laughter coming from the front of the table, Alpha John, his blue eyes gazing down at my beta. He genuinely seemed happy. "It's not every day that your little sister finds her mate." His voi
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The Drive
The sunrise from my window of the Crescent Winds pack house was spectacular. The morning went by rather smoothly. We had breakfast with the Alpha and Luna and said our goodbyes. Jessy decided to relocate to Lunarflare with Kreon, which made me happy, but we had to wait for her to pack, so we were delayed by an hour or so before we could depart. Luckily, the snow had stopped but the blanket that had fallen last night still lay untouched on the earth. My father had decided to drive when we left and I was thankful for that. I could set up front with him and now up against the two love birds in the back, though I did feel a little sorry for Liam. Once we loaded up our SUV, we said another round of goodbyes. Jessy was kind of sad about leaving her home. I understood why, of course. Finally, we were on the road. I was a bit nervous at first, wondering if my father could even drive in the snow, but he was doing well so far. I peered out the window. I knew that we had a long road ahead of u
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The First Female Alpha
I fell asleep shortly after my bath. I didn’t even remember lying down on the bed, I was woken by a knock on the door. “One moment.” My voice was heavy and groggy. I set up on the bed and rubbed my eyes. “Who is it?” I asked, remembering where I was. “It’s Ukina, I am here to help you get ready for the event.” The small voice barely reached my ears, if I was a regular human I doubt I would even have heard her.I straightened up on the bed slightly. “Come in.” I yawned. I looked over at the door as it opened just enough for Ukina to enter. She was carrying a dress bag and a very large makeup box. I shook my head a little at myself seeing it. She was very small and her hands were full.She set everything up on the vanity across from the bed. “I’ll just be a moment.” She said, then walked out of the bedroom, leaving the door open. After just a couple of minutes, she came back in with a silver tray that had a tea set on it. It was really pretty. “Don’t worry, It’s coffee.” She said, blus
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The Silver Adder
“Run, Ume Run!” Lasaya was shouting at me, but she wasn’t in my head, she was running beside me. It was dark, we were in the woods but there was nothing familiar about them. My legs were aching, I was gasping for air but Lasaya was still screaming for me to run. “I can’t, Lasaya.” I gasped, falling to my knees. Lasaya stopped and leaned down, putting her snout in my face and licking my cheek.“Get up, Ume, we have to get out of here.” She barked. I pushed myself up to my feet, taking a look behind me. I didn’t see anything but something felt off. I was scared out of my mind. Then I heard rustling from the bushes. “Go Ume.” Lasaya shouted, then took off. I started running behind her, ignoring my body telling me to stop. I needed to rest, I needed a drink, but I couldn’t stop.I followed Ume into a clearing with a beautiful lake. She came to a stop and I stood beside her, both of us looking into the forest we had just escaped from. “Now we have to fight.” he said. I nodded to her, tryi
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Hen in the Snakes Nest
Jessy and I enter a dark room through the double doors we were left at. She reached around the wall and clicked on a light. I gasped a little as I looked around. “Is this his room?” I asked in disbelief. Why would this man bring me to his room? I was enraged, though Lasaya, the whore, seemed excited. I did my best at shutting her out.The room was dark, dark walls, dark curtains that blocked out the sun. A huge king-sized bed with a black comforter and sheets, it was unmade and looked slept in. The pillows and sheets were all disarrayed. There was a closet that was opened and clothes thrown everywhere around the room except for the empty laundry basket where they belonged. There was also a fireplace that looked to be electric with no fire going, and another door which I assumed led to a bathroom.I walked to the window and pulled open the dark curtains. The sun had already set so it didn’t bring much light in, but I was surprised to find that what I assumed to be a window was a double
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Lace and Things
I slammed the door to Alpha Jackson’s room behind me with a little smirk. I was confident that none of his warriors would be able to beat Liam in a fair fight. Then something hit me… Would the fight be fair? I couldn’t trust any of these wolves to fight fair. “I’m sorry Liam.” I quickly mind linked my friend.“Don’t sweat it, Ume. I’ve trained with the best warriors on earth. I train our warriors. I'm not worried about any of these wanna-be chads here.” I could hear the confidence in him and it made me feel a little better about tomorrow.“I just hope it’s a fair fight.” I told him.“Stop worrying, I can handle myself. Get some sleep”. I felt him cut the link and my mind went quiet. I considered talking to Lasaya but she would just be mad at me for my decisions.Before I could stop myself, Lasaya was at the front of my mind. “Please Ume, let me at least just meet his wolf?” She was pleading. It hurt me to feel her sadness. I questioned all my decisions as she spoke. “Even if we have t
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Destiny's Choice
TRIGGER WARNING - ViolenceI woke up with my entire body against Jackson, my head was on his chest, my arms wrapped around his body. I didn’t move for a long time. I couldn’t believe how well I slept lying next to him. It was a bit frightening to be honest. I felt his finger start to trace circles on my shoulder, telling me that he was already awake. “Good morning Luna.” His voice was groggy from sleep but it still made me tingle all over. I jolted away from him quickly. I didn’t want to give him the wrong idea, I also didn’t want to give myself or Lasaya the wrong idea. She was already purring in my mind, content being next to our mate. I rolled out of bed and went to my suitcase. “I’m going to shower. When’s breakfast? I’m ready to get out of here?” I asked. When I glanced up at him, he already had that goofy smirk on his face. “A shower sounds nice, I’ll join you.” He teased me.“Or!” I retorted, you can go take a shower somewhere else. I started digging through my bag in haste,
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The Luna's Gamma
I was still lost, I, for once in my life, had no idea what was in store for my future. I was not going to be the Alpha of the Lunarflare pack, instead I was going to be the Luna to a complete jerk. All my family and friends were going to be so far away from me. My face was tear stained, Jackson wouldn’t even look at me after I spoke with my father. We were all still gathered together outside in the backyard of the pack house.Jackson was standing with a group of men chatting and there were other people sitting at tables or standing around and talking. There were quite a few men with their shirts off running laps and s few children playing together with a football. Jessy and Kreon were sitting at a table with Liam and a skinny blonde girl from the Silver Adder pack. She was in her own little world, absorbed in her cellphone and ignoring the rest of the people at the table. I decided to go sit with my friends so that I could spend some time with them before they left me here. I took th
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