Leaving the castle

Madison's POV

I walked into the well-furnished with my jaw dropped. To be honest, if anyone had told me that I would be given such a room in the castle, I would have accused the person of lying.

“Mandy, congratulations” I heard a shrieking voice, and the door was thrown open. Of course, I wasn't surprised to see Mona. She's the only one who would shout anytime she sees me.

“Mona, thank you so much” I held her hand, and she giggled.

With a shrug, she patted my hair. “Who else would I help if not you, dear sister? I told you I won't let you die, and I kept my promise”

“I was so scared. You know how slaves who get pregnant for the Master are being killed, right? I was surprised when the master said I was an exception. You don't know how scared I was” I gulped nervously.

“Haven't you noticed? I think the master has a thing for you, and that's the reason he made you an exception” Mona lowered her voice, and giggled.

“Rubbish! What are you saying? You're wrong, he only kept me alive becau
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Vikki Lee
Yes!!! I would have preferred him finding out all the nasty shit she did, but this will work too!

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