Chapter 4583

In the past, he had always had a superior attitude when facing every woman. He always felt that these women were the objects of his favor and that it was their extreme luck for them to be able to get his attention.

It was also because of such an overbearing mentality that he could indulge in women for so many years.

Although Jenna was still his favorite amongst all women, he still looked down on Jenna.

Jenna had followed Janus to the United States back then. To Shawn, this felt like his favorite toy had been stolen from him. After Jenna had come back, he had simply wanted to keep this lost and found toy by his side forever.

However, if one were to ask if he truly loved Jenna, his answer would be no.

Even though he really did like Jenna very much back then, after Jenna had run away once, he had always kept himself under control, and he had not invested too much in this woman.

He had been doing it very well over the years.

Although Jenna was now the respectable Mrs. Long, she
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Why not release the chapters. All you are doing is changing the characters names and translating to English. I have found other sites that are a hundred plus chapters ahead. The problem is that the characters besides Charlie have a different name.
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Linda A. Malcor
And we’re back to two chapters.

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