The Darkest Eternities

The Darkest Eternities

By:  Mel. W. Taru  Ongoing
Language: English
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After becoming truly omnipotent he lost what was supposed to be his everything. His chosen. His beloved. Call it what you will, he lost a part of his soul. The only person who would tame the cruel beast that he was. Centuries have passed and the gods have shown him favour. He finds her. Or rather, she finds him but what will it take to keep her? *** It all changed when I met him. But it hadn't really changed. The world was still the same : the same trees: the same people. But now I saw the wolves that hid behind the trees, waiting to attack and the fangs the people hid behind their smiles. I saw them all. The witches that enchanted you in the night. The vampires that sucked you dry. The wolves that cut and tore at those who wandered in the woods. All the merciless creatures. And he was one of the them. He led them. He led his world and I even though I did not know it yet, I would too. If I survived it.

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46 Chapters
*Late 14th Century**The Western territory*IVANTHUNDER STRUCK across the darkening sky.The moon hid behind the clouds, dimly lighting the kingdom. Many below the sky believed that it was a sign of The Goddess' watchful eyes on her creation. Perhaps this was just another story told to children who refused early bedtimes.There were no visible stars tonight. This was never a good sign. But I saw it as only superstition, superstition believed by the land's people. And what was believed was valued. Some would not sleep well tonight.Creatures of the night were coming out to play, seeming to steer clear of the places where boundary lines had once stood. All were free to mix with other kinds but none wanted to take that chance. Old habits die hard.I stood on the balcony, staring out into the kingdom that was now mine. A smile tugged at my lips, a feeling of pride creeping into my chest but this was not how I had imagined it would be. Maybe it was guilt fin
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I. New Beginnings
CaraTHE MOON was bright and beautiful in the dark cloudy sky. I could stare at it for hours and hours. I probably had since I had been stuck in the car since early in the morning. To make matters worse, my battery had died now I was bored and had nothing else to do."We're here."My dad said and not too soon because I was this close to jumping out of the moving vehicle. More than sixteen hours on the road can make someone suicidal."Finally!"I exclaimed in celebration throwing my hands up in the air and accidentally hitting the car roof.It was nearly midnight we had just arrived at our new house. I was a bit surprised that we were there considering how far Carlifornia is from New York.Since I was seven we hadn't lived anywhere for more than a year, rarely more than six months.I grabbed my bag and got out of the car to take a look at our new house. Pushing open the small metal gate, I went into the compound.The yard had one sad lemon tree with a few lemons on it, surrounded by fres
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II. The Letter
CaraTHE WEEKEND practically flew away for me. It seriously felt like I blinked on Friday and on opening my eyes it was Sunday evening, the next day being school.I was dreading going to school especially since I was the new girl for the umpteenth time and I was now in my senior year. Who in hell starts at a new school in their senior year? Me.I counter checked my bag for all the requirements for the thousandth time. I didn't want to forget anything then have to ask a borrow a complete stranger. Plus this was California and as I'd heard , the kids here weren't exactly welcoming."Here is your lunch money," said Dad handing me fifteen dollars."Thanks,""If anything bad happens call me...immediately and I'll come...OK sweetie." I hugged him tightly.We left the house, not forgetting to lock it.I got into my car. I loved my car. It had been a birthday present from my dad.The car was a convertible red Audi TT. It was a two seater and dad had told me that part of the reason he got it f
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III. Glowing Eyes
Cara DAD CAME INTO the home office, a yellow file in his hand. The broad smile on his face fell when he saw me and what I was holding. His body instantly tensed visibly. The file in his hand fell to the floor. The tears I'd been holding in came down. "What's this?" I asked. He approached me, reaching out for me but I moved back before he touched me. "I can explain..." I saw something in his eyes, something like fear but payed no mind to it. "Then by all means please explain...e-explain why yo-you never told me about this?" I stuttered out, demanding an explanation as to why he'd kept something like this from me. As the letter stated, he had been keeping me away from my mother, denying me the choice of whether or not I wanted to see her. I was angry at him. Furious even. For a very long time I thought that she abandoned me and never wanted to see me but according to the letter that I now held tightly onto, she did want to see me. We agreed when I left that I was not to even co
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IV. The Blood Moon
Jasper I had told those idiots to stop but I may have been too late. Messing with humans was something young werewolves enjoyed doing but many times the end result was not good. I was the first to spot her and I thought I could just scare her away a little but they took it too far. This was a result of their stupidity and ignorance. Could they not have just left her alone? The girl now lay on the ground unconscious and her head bleeding. Ivan was going to be furious. He had told us to stay away from the humans. Then again, in our defence, the human was on private property. I wasn't even sure she was alive and frankly, I did not want to check. But I had to before calling Ivan. He was the only one who would know what to do and it was his name on the title deed. Plus he hated it when anybody kept anything from me him. The few who had...well, they weren't killed, death was too easy and what good would it do? We had all shifted back. I knelt down close to the girl's limp form but
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V. Vasiliev Property
Cara I LET OUT A LOW GROAN of discomfort as I tried to get up. On opening my eyes, the first thing I saw was a wide grey ceiling with an eye-catching crystal chandelier in the middle of it. My first thought was; when did we put in a chandelier? Then realization hit me like a bus going at a hundred miles an hour. This wasn't my room. This was not even my house. 'Oh God, what have I done? ' was my next thought. Using my hands I lifted myself to sit up. The bed was large and the bedding were soft. Had I not been in such a panic, I would have stayed inside a little bit. The room I was in was absolutely spectacular, items of luxury filling. This was definitely not my room. Perhaps if I go back to sleep, when I open my eyes I will be back at home. I did just that. It did not work. Then all the memories of the previous night came flooding back. From the letter to the woods to the wolves, all of it was pouring back. I tried to remember all the details of what happened before I woke u
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VI. Prey
Cara WANTING TO TAKE AS LITTLE TIME AS POSSIBLE, I hurried up in the shower. The hot water hit my back, soothing and cleansing my skin. I felt refreshed as the water ran down my locks bring out their brown colour. When I was done I wrapped the large white towel around my body. I found some clothes on the bed. A navy blue dress, a black bra and black panties. The panty and bra stilled had the tag on so I knew they were unworn. I didn't dwell on the fact that they were my exact size. I dressed quickly hoping Merideth would give me directions home or at least tell me where I was, in more details than ' Vasiliev Property '. Taking one last look in the mirror, I made sure I looked fine before going to search for Merideth. The dress was beautiful and fit my body well but it did not do anything to raise my spirits. I could not wait to get back home. Sure I would have to have a difficult conversation with dad once I did, but that little fact did not matter at the moment. All I wanted wa
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VII. Home Sweet Home
Cara "I won't get lost, Ivan." "I'll take you and that's that." His voice was deeply and rougher than usual. I almost squealed at the sound. It told me to do as he said, nothing more, nothing less. "Fine....thank you." "It's my pleasure. Let me just get something." He made off upstairs. I was left to admire the place in the meantime, not straying far from the dining room. I took myself on a little tour sure that Ivan would not mind me looking around. Unless he was hiding something but what were the chances of that? It was taking him longer than I expected so I went further and further into the house. The walls were tall and decorated with all kinds of paintings. Most of them were historical paintings like from famous battles all around the world. They could have been as old as the battles themselves. They were in good condition, probably due to being well maintained. One caught my eye. It took the centre position between all the other paintings and was larger in size. I ran my
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VIII. Half Answers
Cara AS EXPECTED, the door was unlocked. In fact he had left it half way open as if he was expecting somebody, probably me. I went right in. The house was cold. Dad must have left a window open overnight. I heard someone talking ... shouting. " As I have told you before, she has been missing for nearly 18 hours...don't you think I would have called her by now if she had it...yes, I filed the fucking report," the shouting was coming from the kitchen. " Yesterday in the evening at around six thirty..." Going into the kitchen I found my father standing by the counter, a landline in his hand. He had a look of worry mixed in with annoyance on his face …with a hint of desperation. All this time I was 'missing' I had never really thought about what effect it would have on my father. As I stood there watching him on the phone - with the police probably - , I remember just how much he loved and cared about me. I should go missing more often. He didn't see me till I spoke." Dad..." The p
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IX. The Unexpected Visitor
CaraIvan stood tall at my doorstep, staring right at me, his expression unreadable."Ivan? What are you doing here?" I asked, proceeding towards him. I can't say a part of me wasn't happy that he was here. Admittedly, I was elated to see him again. Question is, how the hell did he know my address? Perhaps Jasper told him.I was standing a few feet away from him, his large form between me and the door.He spoke huskily, his voice like a drug, addictive and intoxicating, " I came to apologise for not being able to bring you home yesterday." That seriously could not have been his reason for coming all this way."I don't believe you. You came all this way...just for that?" He visibly stiffened. I knew then that that was not his only reason for coming. Maybe he wants his hoodie back."I-I wanted to see you see if you were feeling better." He moved out of the way as I pulled out the house keys from my bag. Fumbling with the keys,I searched for the right key then opened the door.
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