The Demon's Accidentally Published Proposal

The Demon's Accidentally Published Proposal

By:  Purple Cashinx  Completed
Language: English
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Kara is a witch with a lot on her hands: busy job at the supernatural council, crazy friends, demonic contracts… almost enough to distract her from the past she’s actively avoiding. That is, until a drunken mistake comes back to haunt her… in the form of a fully published teen romance. The lead of said romance of course being Varaac, the demon who once meant everything to her. Now with the long buried past being stirred up again, Kara must navigate a danger filled present.

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7 Chapters
Chapter 1
You told me from the start that you couldn't love.But still my heart yearned for some response.My hand reached out in the dark, hoping to touch you.But only emptiness was there to meet it. I danced around the fiery pentagram, chanting in Latin while dripping blood from a small cut on my finger into the center of the drawing made of grave dirt and bone, all the while keeping an eye out on the clock on the mantel.I only had 15 minutes before my casserole was done.Finishing the chant with the ease of years of practice, I leaned back to avoid the plume of Hellfire that spewed from the portal that opened up. Changing out of my ceremonial robes, I got back into my comfy pajamas and checked on my casserole while the new arrival was settling in.She stood about eight feet tall, her head brushing the light fixture on the ceiling in my living room. Her four a
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Chapter 2
I should have believed you.I never should have wanted more.I never knew my heart could be so selfish. Once my tears had dried, I made my way to the bed, and fell asleep."Kara."I glared at the normal appearing young man sitting across from me."Go away.""What's going on? Why did my sister block off all the portals to your house?"He had noticed already?"It's..." I trailed off, not sure how to explain."Look, Kara. You told me you wanted some space to 'figure things out' and I've tried to honor that. But that was a freaking year ago!" He leaned forward and grabbed my hand within his own. I winced at the sensation, hating the furious beating of my own heart. "What's going on?"I pulled my hand back, ignoring his reluctance to release it. "Nothing." I knew he deserved an explanation. "Look, last year, when we... when I..." This was harder th
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Chapter 3
I feel your presence in my dreams.Waiting just around the corner, hoping I will find you.But each time I look, you've already disappeared. I felt nervous the next day at work, unable to shake a sense of unease that hung around me since I had woken up. I felt guilty deep down. It wasn't really Varaac's fault that I had shut him out of my life. That I had made him intensely popular with teenage girls wanting to experiment with demon summoning. He had always been there for me. Supportive, caring, never hesitating to be by my side.I was the one who wanted something more.I sighed, stretching in the corner, feeling satisfaction as my spine made a loud cracking noise."Rough night?" I turned to the familiar voice. It was Mal, the werewolf alpha. His territory dispute was slotted to be discussed before the council today."Not too bad." I answered cautiously. I wasn't sure wh
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Chapter 4
Asking the same question over and overHoping for a different answerMy heart says one thingIt refuses to hear anything else. "A whole week working with Varaac? How's that going?" Alice sipped her fruity cocktail, grimacing with sympathy.I sighed, leaning back in my chair. "Not that bad, actually. If anything, he's more effective than the last demon council member. At least he does more than just burn obscenities into the floor.""..." Alice stared at me silently."What?""Have you tried talking to him?""About what?" I tried to act innocently."About what happened a year ago.""No.""I mean, he seems to be pretty serious about talking it over with you.""No.""It might actually be healthy for you?""This coming from the woman who PUBLISHED my drunken ravings about him and sold it for profit?"
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Chapter 5
I say I love you a thousand waysBut not a single one is heard.Slowly even the loudest voiceCan be defeated by silence. "I'm such an idiot." I muttered to myself, walking back to my apartment, rubbing my arms to keep myself warm against the chill.Why did I tell him to read the book?That was the last thing I should have done. The ending was the worst part. That night, filled with drunken inspiration, I put all my feelings onto paper, speaking them through the stale, cookie cutter heroine."Mary Sue trash." I complained, weirdly jealous of my own character. Why did she get to tell her demon crush her feelings? It made me want to blow something up with frustration."Hey there, Sweetheart." I paused. "I was just thinking I wanted to destroy something. What great timing."Mal laughed softly, walking out of the shadows. His left
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Chapter 6
My heart calls outAnd waits for an answerEven when it knows all that's left is silence. I woke up in a hospital bed.Ow. I silently looked over my body, wondering why everything hurt."Six broken ribs, a broken ankle, multiple sprains and bruising, and a collapsed lung." A soft voice answered my unspoken question. I looked up to see Alice sitting beside me, her eyes red. She looked like she hadn't slept in days."You look like crap." I smiled, wincing when I tried to laugh."You should look in the mirror." She answered back with a tired grin."How long?""Three days."Ugh."Stupid werewolves.""Well they won't be a problem anymore." Alice shrugged. "You had taken out over half the pack, and Baph and Varaac absolutely destroyed the rest.""How...?""Varaac was the one who found you. Apparently he can sense your location t
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Chapter 7
The words echo over and over in my heartHoping that you will hear them.If I write these words over and overMaybe they'll become my new reality. "So you two are a couple now?" Alice cheered from her seat in the Magic Cauldron, waving her drink around.I sipped on water, being on an alcohol ban as is mixed with the meds I had to take as I healed up from the attack."Yeah, we are." Varaac was grinning, his arm draped casually around my shoulders. I found that since we had our discussion, his habit of casual contact had returned with a vengeance. Not that I minded. I leaned my head against his shoulder with a smile."So can I dismantle the blocks on the portals to your house?" Baph rolled her eyes as she looked at the two of us. "You both are way too dramatic, by the way.""Please." I smiled up at the demon at my side. "I don't think you have to block them anymore.""You still owe me two casserole dinners."
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