Chapter 2330 Boss

Clayton stood there with earnest and serious eyes. He did not look like he was joking.

For a moment, Nicole seemed to see the old Clayton standing at the door of the club, teaching her to identify girls who liked to put on the pity act.

Nicole felt like her head was spinning as if the past scene was overlapping with the current scene.

The bittersweet feeling in her heart made her forget all the unhappiness of seeing Kira.

She raised her head with a slight smile.

“Got it, Boss! Since you knew she was this kind of person, why did you bring her back to Mediania?”

Why did he get close to Kira?

Of course, Nicole would not ask that question.

After all, Kira was a scheming woman, and Clayton was an unassuming man. Although Clayton might not have that intention, he could not escape Kira’s schemes.

“I didn’t investigate it at that time because I didn’t have enough resources. I only did a background check on her after I returned to Mediania, but it was too late.”

Clayton’s voice was de
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goodnovel comment avatar
Oh I love this story. I love that Clayton is back and he and Nicole are back like they were before the earthquake. They are the perfect couple.
goodnovel comment avatar
A. Thompkins
She’ll be back to cause trouble, I already know it.

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