Chapter 2332 Donate Blood

Eric put his slender and beautiful hands on the steering wheel. His expression was always calm.

He gave off an indifferent and aloof vibe. He looked gloomy and arrogant.

Mitchell, who was next to him, hesitated to speak. They still had to pass a traffic light before they arrived at the Hilton Hotel.

Mitchell held the invitation card and did not know what to say.


Seeing that Mitchell did not speak for a long time, Eric looked over indifferently.

Mitchell gritted his teeth and said, “President, Clayton is back. The Stanton family held this banquet to celebrate the hundredth day of Grant’s second son's birth and to announce Clayton’s return. Why should we join in the fun? There must be media present on this occasion. If the media exaggerates our presence, we’ll incur more losses. Why don’t I deliver the gift? Then we can go back.”

No matter how much he thought about it, Mitchell felt that it was inappropriate for Eric to show up at the party.

In the beginning, Mitchel
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Annarella Bracale
When is this book ever gonna end ?
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i hope the author will focus on Eric's love story in the ongoing chapters.
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Ladyjane Phiri
I wish the author can bring back Michael's mum back to life just to read ...

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