Chapter 2337 Show Affection

Nicole’s set of jewelry was also carefully selected.

She wore a matching watch with Clayton, and the two looked like the perfect pair.

Clayton was dapper in his suit. He looked relaxed with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

He was cool and handsome with gentle eyes.

If it were not for the cane he placed next to him, he did not seem any different from before.

Clayton looked at the watch on his wrist, touched it, and chuckled in Nicole’s ear.

“I now know why you want to be interviewed. No one can match your dedication to your company!”

Nicole let out a muffled laugh. The corners of her mouth curled up. She looked energetic and spirited. Her long dark hair was let down, and her smile was bright and eye-catching. At this time, she lowered her voice and said, “I’m glad you know. This jewelry collection will definitely be popular, and I don’t even need a spokesperson. I’ll earn so much that I’ll be able to give you anything you want then!”

Clayton raised his eyebrows. His eyes dar
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Anu Priya
I want Eric happy too
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Dawn Preciado
I hopping this will be Eric’s chance at love
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Thank you for the extra chapter

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