Chapter 2340 Wish

Clayton’s lips moved slightly, and his eyes flickered. He was about to say something when Nicole continued to speak, “The bar owner was very understanding and called someone for me, but I forgot to label your caller ID, so she called Malcolm. Fortunately, Malcolm didn’t disappoint me. Otherwise, I would’ve gotten drunk for nothing!”

Nicole’s voice was soft. She was a little tipsy, so she leaned her body on his like a soft and delicate rose.

The noise downstairs was ear-splitting, and there was also a deafening noise coming from the private room behind them.

The couple briefly embraced each other.

After a moment of silence, Clayton stared at Nicole intently. The tip of his nose touched hers, and their warm breath fell on each other’s faces as they intertwined.

The man’s handsome face, which looked like an art piece, was gentle and expressive.

There was a glint in his deep eyes.

Clayton kissed Nicole’s luscious lips lightly and lingered over her. His voice was deep and husky as he
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