Chapter 2341 Who Is It For?

Derek Norton was drunk. He shouted outside the ward and treated the hospital as his home.

He never cared about his reputation anyway.

Derek thought that people would think highly of him as long as he had money. Thus, he could be as arrogant and unreasonable as he wanted.

Selena lay there with a pale face as she looked up at the ceiling.

Selena could hear Derek pounding on the door and the caregiver’s trembling voice when she called Mitchell.

As Derek slammed on the door, Selena’s heartbeat stopped.

Derek stirred a big commotion in the hospital.

The doctor on duty called the police, and the door to the ward was almost broken. However, Selena still did not make a sound.

When Mitchell arrived, Derek had already stopped.

Mitchell called Eric, who was a little drunk and in a bad mood. Thus, Mitchell had to settle this himself.

Looking at the smashed door, Mitchell looked solemn.

The caregiver came out apprehensively.

“Mr. Crawford.”

“How is Ms. Nelson?”

“She’s fine, but she do
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Author, I am truly loving everything Clayton and Nicole. Please keep it up. Let them have twins and soon!

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