Chapter 2346 Whimsical

Levi, as the eldest kid, set an example for his younger siblings to study hard.

Thus, he consciously started to tutor Chatty and Fischer.

Floyd was satisfied to see this.

By the end of the study session, Chatty did not need to be coaxed to sleep. She fell asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.


Selena stayed in the hospital for a few days and was able to walk around a little.

She just could not run, jump or do any strenuous activities.

The caregiver took care of her well, and her complexion was rosy again.

Selena called Eric, but no one answered.

She could see that Eric would not answer her calls.

Selena was not disappointed either.

She called Mitchell, who was only free to show up at the hospital in the afternoon.

“Ms. Nelson, have you figured out what you want as compensation?”

They did not mind paying for her medical expenses.

Selena did not talk about compensation, which made Mitchell worry that she would extort Eric and cause trouble.

Selena nodded.

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